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Simple and Easy: How to Make a Self-Watering Planter

This self-watering planter ensures that your plant will get adequate water for at least five days.

  • A step-by-step video shows how easy it is to create a self-watering planter.
  • This water system requires just a few, cheap materials.
  • Self-watering planters ensure that plants get sufficient hydration for days.

More and more people are getting into gardening since the coronavirus outbreak began. Seeing plants flourish is fulfilling enough and more importantly, they can surely take our minds off of the anxieties caused by this pandemic.

Yes, gardening can indeed be a form of therapy. However, not every one knows the basics of plant care. Some don’t even have an idea how frequently they must be watered and how much each plant needs. And despite being restricted at home, others still forget to do so, leaving the poor things to wither and die. Remember that overwatering or the lack of it, would eventually lead to the same sad result.

Fortunately, people are sharing great and simple ideas to prevent such things. For instance, this self-watering planter ensures that your plant will get adequate water for at least five days.

Using empty soda bottles, you can also create this simple and efficient self-watering system.
Photo: World Click
By cutting the plastic bottle in half, one serves as a water reservoir and the other, a pot to put the plant in.
Drill a hole on the cap and insert a cotton or polyester rope through it. This will act like a root that will absorb the water from the reservoir.

Put soil and your plant in the upper section of the bottle and fill the bottom part with just enough water. Place them together and you now have your self-watering planter.

These are perfect when you wish to grow herbs. You can paint the upper section of the bottle to make it look prettier. Also, these bottles do not require a large space, so you can put them basically anywhere you want.

In this video by World Click, you can see how easy it is to make this DIY planter.

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