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12 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

The wedding is finally over, so where are you off to for your honeymoon vacation? If you still haven't found the right destination, you're in luck because we have the best in the list.

What’s a wedding without the honeymoon right? It’s crucial as it bonds husband and wife together immediately after marriage. Choosing the perfect place to go for your honeymoon is a tough decision. In case you don’t have one yet, here are some wonderful options for you.

1. Cook Islands

A total of fifteen islands that are tucked between Hawaii and New Zealand, this getaway is perfect for couples who love to go to the beach.

2. Kenya

Source: Ol lO

Couples get to choose between the rich Savannah wildlife or the pristine sandy beaches of this honeymoon destination. The weather is interesting all-year round so you don’t have to worry and the hotels are affordable, too.

3. Maui

Source: Joe Parks

Outdoorsy couples will have a grand time in Maui as it offers lots of activities to do. The lush tropical vegetation is inspiring and offers some of the best views.

4. Paris

Source: Luc Mercelis

It’s the city of love so it would just be perfect to have your honeymoon here.

5. New Zealand

The landscapes of New Zealand will make you fall in love with each other every single day. It’s just but fitting that you bring your significant other here for your honeymoon.

6. St. Thomas

Source: Scott Smith

Famous for its tropical setting, a quiet and relaxing honeymoon getaway is what’s in store for you.

7. Ko Samui Island

The Ko Samui island of thailand is famous for honeymooners because of its sandy beaches and nice, warm, tropical weather.

8. Napa Valley

Source: Jim G

Wine lovers? Napa valley is perfect for both of you as you get to experience the best tasting wines the province has to offer, not to mention the breathtaking views and chill atmosphere.

9. Costa Rica

For couples who just love the feel of the tropical weather, Costa Rica is your best bet.

10. Australia

Its unique wildlife and marine sanctuary provides couples with interesting activities to do while on break.

11. Jamaica

The white sandy beaches plus the tummy filling cuisines will entice anyone to visit Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands.

12. Lake Tahoe

Source: Don Graham

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush greenery, this destination provides spectacular views throughout the whole year.

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