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15 Hilarious Dogs With No Concept of “Personal Space”

Space invasion? Dogs surely are the masters of that!

We know that dogs are the most loyal of creatures. They will protect us from strangers and sometimes save our lives. They can make good baby-watchers too. They also have unconditional love for their masters even if we scold them sometimes for chewing on the furniture, or mummifying themselves with the toilet paper roll for the nth time.

In fact, dogs can be too loyal, or love cuddles too much that sometimes they might be invading other’s personal space… Just like the canines in these pictures below!

Baby's car seat? But but.. that's my spot!

What a comfy pillow. I am sleepy… so very very sleepy…

Speaking of pillows, this feline sure is soooo comfy.

Cuddle me or I'll have nightmares!

Dog: Who said cats and dogs don't get along?
Cat: We won't get along if you keep on invading my space.

Well it’s not only cats and human kids that dogs love invading with their spaces. In fact, they like invading the private spaces of their fellow canine friends too!

Little dog: E-excuse me he is taking a picture of me.
Bigger dog: No he's taking my picture, you photobomber!

Ahh this makes for a better mattress than the cold, hard tile floor.

Dog1: This is my space
Dog2: No! Mine
Human: There's a whole lot of space on the couch guys…
Dog 1 and 2: *stares blankly* there's no other space but this!

And of course the ultimate recipient of dogs and their space invasion tactics? None other than their beloved humans!

Work? No you don't have to work. What you need is cuddles right now <3

We heard strange noises and we thought you needed us! Also we miss you already!

A dog can never be too big for cuddles!

Guy: Such sweet kisses babe..
*then he realizes he has no girlfriend* @_@

But I love sitting with you, or on you.. or whatever just spend time with me.

Ain't I awesome? I'm killing this driving thing!

Notice me master, and while you're on that, I'll have whatever you're having!

Doesn’t all these seem eerily familiar to all dog owners? Our loyal companions may be too clingy sometimes but that’s how we know they just love us so so much.

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