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20 Heartwarming Photos of People Making the World a Better Place

Faith in humanity is restored, thanks to these lovely people!

With everything that is happening in our world right now, we sometimes cannot help but get disappointed. Imagine all those shootings and bombings, all of which took millions of lives. This is not to mention the existence of corrupt officials in the government. The very least that you could do is hope for the best, right?

Apparently, not everything or everyone in this world is pure evil. There are still people who, despite how cruel the world has become, chose to do good deeds to others. In fact, they are prepared to risk their lives just for the sake of their countrymen. Now, these are the real hero of our modern society – and they all deserve a recognition.

Case in point, below are photos featuring the passion other people have towards their fellowmen. And yes, they do this without expecting any reciprocation. Take a look at their work and be the judge. You know they deserve our applause. Check them out below and let us know what you think about these lovely human beings!

#1. Florida Firefighters

Source: Reddit

Fortunately, they were around the neighborhood when an elderly suffered from heart attack. They were able to save him, but their kindness did not stop there. They also helped the old guy mow his lawn.

#2. A Policeman from Texas

Source: Reddit

The officer fell asleep after staying awake for days helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

#3. These Parking Attendants

Source: Imgu

The world can definitely use a help from these people.

#4. A Hairstylist

Source: Imgur

A hairstylist by the name of Mark Bustos is out in the streets providing free haircut to homeless people.

#5. This Merchandiser

Source: Imgur

This employee seems to take his job very seriously. As the Christmas season began, this person built a huge snowman with drinks boxes to please customers.

#6. A Dog Boarding Employee

Source: Reddit

After years of working in a dog boarding facility, the girl acquired another job. Well, she is simply taking care of this lovely dog. You can certainly tell how happy the animal is.

#7. A School Teacher

Source: Reddit

This teacher right here visits his seriously-ill student to let him know about the lessons that take place in school.

#8. A Postal Worker

Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that Christmas is the busiest time, particularly for all postal workers. Everybody is in a rush to send greetings to each other, though they sometimes fail to manage to do it on time. This postal worker decided to break the usual routine so that each card and gift would get to the addressee on time.

#9. A Helpful Waiter

Source: Reddit

This waiter, without any second thoughts, helped the disabled woman to eat. This is also his way of letting the tired husband enjoy his meal.

#10. A Gas Convenience Store Attendant

Source: Reddit

Mike’s unusual looks – he does it everyday – is for the purpose of making his customers smile.

#11. A Policeman

Source: Reddit

A pregnant woman was walking her dog when it suddenly ran away. Unfortunately, she could not run after her pet. Interestingly, this policeman, who was nearby, went to catch the dog and brought it back.

#12. A Children’s Hairdresser

Source: Reddit

This hairdresser right here knows a trick or two when it comes to calming kids. No wonder many love him.

#13. An Uber Driver

Source: Reddit

Apart from providing a mode of transportation, this driver keeps stuff helpful for his passengers. He certainly deserves recognition!

#14. A Restaurant Employee

Source: Imgur

This employee rushed outside to bring an umbrella for the disabled guy. Way to go, man!

#15. Pizza Restaurant Employee

Source: Reddit

A pizza restaurant cordially invited those who couldn’t afford a meal to share a festive dinner with them. It is about time that fast food stores apply this strategy.

#16. A Bus Driver

The old lady in the picture almost tripped while getting off the bus. Apparently, her laces were undone, something that the driver of the vehicle noticed. He then offered to tie up the laces for her.

#17. A Smiling Firefighter

Source: Shawn Wiebe

Meet Shawn Wiebe, the man known as the Ridiculously Photogenic Firefighter. In the photo, he can be seen saving an old woman during a flood.

#18. Citizens of Almaty

Source: Instagram

Several passers-by formed a human chain to save a dog that fell into a lake in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Now this is what true teamwork means!

#19. A Brave Child

Source: GIZ

Indeed, this kid needs to respected. Hi put himself in danger just to save his pet from drowning.

#20. This Kid

Source: Huffington

Seriously, this kid is a real man. No words can better describe what he did.

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