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Artist Turns Cats Into Giants and It’s Adorably Hilarious!

Catzilla lives!

They’re often lazy, sometimes chubby, and usually adorable yet annoying. No, ladies, we’re not talking about your boyfriends and husbands – this is all about our beloved cats!

Although our furry feline friends have not reached a status as that of a dog (a.k.a. “man’s best friend”), it’s safe to say they’ve undoubtedly made it into everyone’s hearts. In fact, it’s almost always impossible to spend a day on social media without encountering cat-themed memes, GIFs, videos and whatnots.

Cats are indeed impossible to resist and they even become a source of inspiration for many artists. Case in point, the Photoshopped images below show us what it’s like if cats were actually giants!

Sounds like a good plot for a movie, right? Well the good news here is that we don’t need to imagine anymore.

Catzilla lives!

Conceptualized and created by artist @fransditta and posted on the Cats Pakistan Facebook page, these cute funny photos have gotten a lot of love from netizens everywhere and it’s really easy to see why.

Go check out the images below and see for yourself:


Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Source: @fransditta

Well we couldn’t help but chuckle while looking at these pages. And yeah, we’re nodding our heads along the way – cats would definitely climb towers, block roadways, and bite vehicles if they were huge! These pics definitely made us feel thankful that cats didn’t come in massive sizes – or else we’re all doomed for sure.

Aside from getting shares from social media users, this series of giant cat pics also received attention from various sites online.

So, which of these photos are your favorite? Mine has to be #6! Share your faves with us in the comment section below.

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