Filipinos Trash Harvard University’s Facebook Page in Latest Stupid Trend

In a bizarre trend, netizens from the Philippines are commenting on the prestigious university's official page, sharing fake memories and pretending to be students.

  • The official Facebook page of Harvard University has been getting a lot of comments, likes and shares from Filipino social media users.
  • Apparently, a strange trend prompted netizens from the Philippines to comment on Harvard’s posts
  • Filipinos are sharing fake memories as they pretended to be former or current students in the said university.

It’s a bizarre social media trend that no one saw coming – and it eventually led to the official Harvard University Facebook age receiving increased online traction over the past several days from one unexpected country: the Philippines.

Apparently, numerous Filipino netizens are flocking to the university’s page, leaving thousands of random comments on several posts and sharing fake memories as they pretended to be former or current students there.

Case in point, one photo taken by Harvard staff photographer Rose Lincoln has been trashed by Filipinos. The said photo featured a cat named Remy.
Here are some of the many trashy comments on the image:

Of course, a quick glance at the profiles of those who commented here – and on other Harvard posts – show that these Filipinos never actually studied in the prestigious university.

Almost every Facebook posts by Harvard has been trashed.

Meanwhile, real Harvard students were left confused not only because of the out-of-nowhere comments but because many have also been written in the Filipino language.

No one knows for sure how it began, but it all started when Harvard posted a series of photos depicting scenes from around the campus.
Real Harvard students in the comment section weren’t even spared from harassment and disrespect
This photo by John Chase received over 6,000 comments, 20,000 reactions and 20,000 shares.

Again, no one is exactly sure about how the cringe-worthy trend started but some pointed out that the Filipinos who participated may simply be doing it because they think it was fun and no big deal.

Eventually, some Harvard students and even some Filipinos openly expressed their displeasure about others’ irresponsible use of social media.

One, for example, pointed out that the jokes are “not funny at all” and are “plain stupid,” especially now that legitimate students are frequently checking the page for information about the start of classes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, Harvard has not issued any statements about the issue.

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