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These Sneaky Expenses are Eating up Your Family Travel Budget

You spend weeks and even months planning that family vacation. You do your research, list details, pack all necessities, and plan your budget carefully.

However, it seems that even with careful planning, you often go over the budget when going on a holiday.

Planning a trip for one could already be costly – so imagine doing it with your kids in mind.

Traveling with children is especially more budget-consuming. You could just either accept the fact that you always overspend while traveling on vacation or identify these sneaky expenses to avoid them altogether on your next trip.

Here is a list of unnecessary expenses that might be eating up your budget and ways on how to avoid them.

1. The ”not-so-convenient” convenience store

You stop for fuel or a restroom break at a gas station. Your kids get off the car and head straight to the nearest convenience store. The temptation of buying sweets, magazines, sodas and other snack items is lurking everywhere. Aside from the fact that buying these treats at the convenience store costs more, the array of choices could lead to uncontrollable spending.

What to do:
Pack yours and your kids’ favorite treats instead! Buying them at the local grocery store would save you some money. The next time they walk in that convenience store and ask you to buy something, you could remind them that you already have packed some in your car or suitcase.

2. Buying things you forgot to pack

Source: Mums Lounge

The frenzy of going on a trip often makes you forget to put some of the necessities inside your suitcase. It happens to everyone! However, buying things like insect repellent, sunscreen, or even underwear at the hotel gift shop often costs four times more than you will pay back home.

What to do:
Next time you go on a trip, make a checklist of everything you need to bring. Be sure to double check, if not triple-check, the list if you packed all the necessities. If you are already in your destination and discovered you left something at home, avoid buying at hotel gift shops and drive your way to the nearest grocery store.

3. The “uneaten” children’s meal

It still depends on your children’s age, but most kids often want to order an adult meal all for themselves. However, they almost always end up not finishing half of their food. It could be because the taste of the food is totally different from what they are accustomed to, or you just really have yourself a picky eater.

What to do:
Ask your food server if they have kid’s meal or dishes served in smaller portions. If not, the only way to save your money is to be prepared to eat left overs. If ordering an exotic or unfamiliar food, let the kids have a taste first before ordering one for them.

4. The “professional” souvenir photo

Source: Disney

Even without your permission, these pro souvenir photos often get taken at the hotel’s animal show, on the roller coaster or even during that welcome party the resort has set up for you. The pictures could either be too attractive or too horrifying that you would shell out an absurd amount to buy your pictures.

What to do:
Remind yourself that you have taken hundreds of photos of your family on your smart phone or DSLR camera. Bring selfie-sticks, selfie drones, etc. to capture every moment of your trip. You always have the option not to buy those mementos.

5. The “vacation mementos” at the souvenir shop

It is really tempting to buy some souvenirs as a proof to your friends that you have really visited the place. The thing is, that “I love Hawaii” shirt could also be bought back home, sometimes even cheaper.

What to do:
Ask yourself if the product you are about to buy is worth it. Do not just look at the shirt print or the name of the holiday resort emblazoned across the belly of a giant teddy bear. Check if the quality and importance of the product are worth spending on.

Enjoying your well–deserved holiday while spending wisely can be possible. You just need to carefully make a budget and stick with it.

Do you have other money-saving tips while traveling? Share it with us!

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