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40 Times Everyday Simple Objects Became Beloved Pop Culture Icons

No doubt #28 will make you laugh hard.

You’ve probably experienced looking at something and seeing it a bit differently. For instance, you’re looking at a billboard advertising a yummy cinnamon roll. But somehow, a few seconds after, you’re already seeing an anguished character from a video game you played before. It’s both surprising and hilarious at the same time, right?

This is actually called pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon in which your mind responds to a stimulus (usually a sound or image). Eventually, it perceives a very familiar pattern where none actually exists. To put it simply, it’s a bug in your mind that causes you to see things that aren’t really there.

To put this “psychological phenomenon” into test,” below are a series of images that will determine if you have the bizarre condition. Scroll down below and see if you’re a pareidoliac!

#1. Donald Trump

#2. Cookie Monster

Source: TheSpacePope17
#3. Scrat from Ice Age

Source: LylaRevilla
#4. Chewbacca

Source: ripplin
#5. Stormtrooper

#6. Thomas the Tank Engine.

Source: Burkvest71
#7. The Scream Mask

#8. Darth Vader

Source: 2ofSorts
#9. The Scream Painting by Edvard Munch

#10. Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Source: raging_rage
#11. Batman and His Shadow

Source: MisterNRG
#12. Bob from the Simpsons

Source: MrSllew
#13. The Sorting Cone in Harry Potter

#14. Snoopy Wearing a Hat

Source: triplejdude
#15. Groot

#16. Cookie Monster

Source: aruffone
#17. ET

Source: cheftlp1221
#18. Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.

Source: Teggert
#19. Super Mario

#20. Spider-Man

Source: zgold2192
#21. Admiral Ackbar

Source: Vanhole
#22. Godzilla

Source: Rappista
#23. Wall-E’s Eyes

Source: El_SpankBank
#24. Severus Snape

Source: ajt115
#25. Quasimodo

Source: worden26
#26. Roberto From Futurama

Source: coughballs
#27. Sloth From Zootopia

Source: sirlos
#28. Jabba The Hutt

Source: JiveMonkey
#29. Mushu From Mulan

Source: seiteta
#30. Zoidberg

Source: george_s_4
#31. Rafiki From Lion King

Source: SweetSound
#32. Sylvester Stallone

#33. Sid The Sloth

#34. Princess Leia

#35. Grumpy Cat

Source: bencub91
#36. Cookie Monster

Source: the-hang man
#37. Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Source: Imgur
#38. Yoda

Source: s3v3n2
#39. Jar-Jar Binks

#40. Admiral Ackbar

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