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36 Creative People Who Made The Best of Their Time During Quarantine

Here are some truly creative individuals who used their time wisely during quarantine

It has been over a year since people had to stay at home to avoid the 2020 pandemic. Although it was a time of fear over COVID-19, it also gave us more time in our hands. Amazingly, some creative individuals decided to use those extra hours to do something artistic, astounding, and just plain awesome.

Back in March 2020, people were advised to stay indoors as part of the quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Being stuck at home led to some being bored with nothing to do with their time. However, here are 10 creative individuals who chose to do something cool with their extra hours.

#1. A Dog Portrait

Get in touch with your creative side. This artist decided to make a gorgeous portrait of a German Shepherd using soft pastels and pastel pencils. It’s so realistic that you would want to give the pooch a few scritches.

#2. Rock Painting

Were you so bored you ended up counting rocks? Why not paint them instead? These rocks don’t even look like rocks at all!

#3. Glass Kittens

Who doesn’t like cats? Someone decided to make glass Bengal kittens that looks like they’re sleeping. These kitties looks absolutely purr-fect!

#4. Miniature Cooking Set

Try a new hobby and create something awesome for the kids. This mom learned how to sew and went on to make a chair-cover cooking set for a lucky little girl.

#5. An Entire Treehouse

Some people really had a lot of time in their hands. This backyard treehouse was actually a quarantine project.

#6. A Cat Tree

How about making something for your furry companions? This cat tree was supposed to be for cats. However, it’s so good that even the dog loves it!

#7. A Guardian of the Galaxy
#8. Bookshelf made out of dead apple tree.

“My parents planted an apple-tree when i was born. Sadly, the tree died a few weeks ago, so I made a bookshelf out of it.”

#9. Giant Stained Glass Hippo
#10. Shirts Painted With Bleach!
#11. DIY Bathroom Renovation

“After searching for a contractor for months and getting bids at 10k plus I decided to attempt this myself with no tools and experience. Cost me $2500 in materials and $500 in new tools. It’s not perfect but am super proud of the results.”

#12. Origami Koi Fish Made With A $1 Tip
#13. Whale Bottle Opener Forged By a 16yo Blacksmith
#14. A Quarantine Painting
#15. A Handmade Dress
#16. Needle Felted Albino Bat
#17. A Stained Glass Of A Friend’s Watercolor Painting
#18. A Fairytale House

“I built this for a family in Columbus Oh, but I’m 100% going to build a full sized one as my house next.”

#19. A Hardwood Desk Made By A 16-Year-Old
#20. A Purple Ombre Wisteria Mobile Made Out Of Felt
#21. Trash Fort With Green Roof
#22. Seven Layered Animals Out Of Birch Wood
#23. Wire And Clay Whippet With A Heart Of Gold
#24. Repainted Cabinet
#25. Converted Closet into a Bed

“My husband snores and my daughter rotates in the bed so I haven’t slept well in four years… converted the closet in the office into my own personal bed!”

#26. A Cool Wall Decoration
#27. Crocheted “Sally Witch” Costume
#28. A 3-Prong Wooden Hair Fork
#29. Crow Embroidery
#30. A Small Landscape Project
#31. A Mini Lime Out Of Polymer Clay
#32. A Cozy Fireplace Phone Stand
#33. Vincent van Gogh Cabinet
#34. DIY Mugs
#35. A Dress Made Out Of Leaves
#36. A Resin Table

What’s the coolest thing you can do with a tree? Why not turn it into everyone’s favorite Flora colossus? One very creative man made his very own Groot from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Being in quarantine can be boring. However, it can also be awesome since you have a lot of time in your hands. With a little creativity, you can do something amazing as well.

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