9 Product Names That Actually Have Hilarious Translations In Other Languages

Would you dare drink Ghana's Pee Cola? Or play "Sega" in Italy?

Every business owner knows that naming a new product can be quite tricky. It has to be catchy yet descriptive and easy to remember. On top of that, you need to keep in mind that the said brand name will represent your company to the public. So you really have to choose carefully.

Unfortunately, some companies forgot to consider the fact that certain words may mean something else entirely in other languages. And now their brand names have become a laughing stock in some countries because of that!

You gotta see it to believe it. Go scroll down below and see this funny collection of products with unintentionally awkward names.

#1. Fart Bar

In Polish, this candy bar’s name literally means “lucky bar.” Well we all know that translates to something stinky in English.

#2. Lumia

If you go to Google right now and look up the meaning of “lumia” in Spanish, you’ll learn it’s a slasng for “prostitute.”

#3. Siri

Apple’s personal virtual assistant may have a unique-sounding name for English speakers but for those who speak Georgian, it actually means “cock.”

#4. Pizza Hut P’Zone

There’s actually a Spanish word “pezon” which translates to “nipple.” With that in mind, it’s pretty suspicious that in this ad, the word “large” appears bigger than others – as if its implying something!

#5. Pee Cola

Well this one doesn’t need any explanation, right? Pee Cola is a popular cola brand in Ghana. Bring a bottle to any English-speaking country and people will probably have a good laugh before they can drink any.

#6. Bing

Microsoft’s search engine has an interesting translation in Chinese – it actually means “illness.”

#7. Starbucks Latte

In the German language, “latte” translates to “erection.”

#8. Sega

Over at Italy, the word “sega” is slang for “masturbate.” Now I feel bad for this console!

#9. Tonic Water

“Tonic water” actually has a gross meaning in Italian because it translates to “toilet water.” Also something that doesn’t sound appealing to drink, huh?

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