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20 of The Coolest Wedding Invitations Ever

Some awesome ideas in case you're getting married soon!

I once heard a soon-to-be-married woman tell me that she and her partner are not planning on spending big on their wedding invitations because people “just throw them away anyway.”

While it is a good idea to save on wedding expenses, I disagree that invitations should be treated as an afterthought. Besides, invitations set the tone of what people can expect on your life’s biggest event. Sure, their main purpose is to inform everyone about the date and venue of your wedding but if done right, it can also help build excitement and anticipation among your guests.

Case in point, the wedding invitations you will see below are definitely not the crappy ones that will go “straight to the trash can,” as my friend tells me. In fact, you will likely keep them and display them – or even eat them, in some cases.

Check out this collection of creative wedding invitations and prepare to be blown away by their sheer awesomeness:

#1. Library Card Wedding Invitation

Source: Reddit

Now here’s a proof you can be creative without spending much.

#2. Tying The Knot Soon!

Source: Imgur

This is actually so cool.

#3. Old School Film Canister Wedding Invitation

Have plenty of old film canisters? Put ‘em to good use.

#4. The Vintage Newspaper

Source: Etsy

Wow! I guess all the details are there.

#5. Ticket Wedding Invitation

Source: Beau-Coup

“Last Weekend Of Freedom” I like that! LOL!

#6. Magic The Gathering Game Card

Source: Reddit

Geeky and awesome!

#7. Decoder Wedding Invitation

Source: RuffledBlog

Now this is really something!

#8. The Marauder's Map (Harry Potter)

Source: Etsy

You know where to go.

#9. “Save The Date” Card

Source: Etsy

That Windows XP theme is definitely a nice touch.

#10. Paper Dolls Invitation

Feel free to undress the couple before honeymoon LOL!

#11. Vintage Vinyl Record

Source: Behance

It even comes with songs from the couple’s favorite bands. So rad!

#12. Confetti Wedding Invitation

This calls for a celebration indeed.

#13. Paper Lock And Key (With Plantable Flower Seeds Inside)

Source: Etsy

Whoever came up with this idea, we bow down to your uniqueness.

#14. Stick Together Wedding Invitation

Source: Beau-Coup

Looks yummy!

#15. Handkerchief Map For Men

If I get one of these, you bet I’ll never throw it away.

#16. “Scratch Off” Wedding Invitation

Hands down my favorite one from this collection.

#17. Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Source: Behance


#18. The Chocolate Bar

Source: Behance

Bride me with chocolate and there's no way I'm forgetting your wedding.

#19. “Please Inflate” Invitation


#20. Viewmaster Wedding Invitation

Source: Etsy

So every guest gets one of these Viewmasters? Wow I love it!

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