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29 Cleverly Made Logos with Hidden Twists

Everyone knows about the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo, but did you know about these other hidden objects in logos?

We see logos everywhere we go. It’s a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) form of advertising that makes us remember a brand based on their logo. But while we think the creators of these logos just come up with cool looking logo to represent a brand, a lot of these designers put way more thought into the logos they make.

Just check out these examples.

#1. The “i” looks like someone who’s just been killed.

#2. The trees take the form of piano keys.

#3. The “N” is sideways number 2.

#4. Are they pages of a magazine or a circus tent?

#5. It’s a golf ball and a cresecent moon in one.

#6. This one’s subtle, but the “a” has a hidden knife in the middle.

#7. The space between the connecting power cords forms the letter “E.”

#8. An elephant trunk inside the letter “E.”

#9. It’s a calligraphy nib with a spoon inside. Very clever.

#10. Shears and a mustache in one logo.

#11. It’s a finger puppet in the shape of a hand. Get it? Get it?!

#12. Freedom’s logo has a bird flying away.

#13. The blue tip of the paintbrush looks like a shark fin.

#14. It’s an upside down hand that also looks like a bear.

#15. A little tough to read at first, but the wavy pink line is a boundary between the top and bottom part of the logo.

#16. It’s a barcode and a beer mug because it’s a bar!

#17. The film reel kind of looks like that iconic face from Scream.

#18. It’s a cup of coffee, but it’s also a magician’s top hat.

#19. The animals’ legs make up the city’s skyline.

#20. The negative space of the up and down arrows create an H.

#21. No need to tilt your head because you can clearly see the cat’s eyes in the “C” of both words.

#22. Food = the white space looks like a fork. Wine = the wine bottles between the prongs of the fork.

#23. The common coding symbols create a L337 fish.

#24. It’s a piece of film that looks like Frankenstein’s monster in side view.

#25. Flight Finder’s two F’s create the shape of a plane in between.

#26. One of the most clever logos out there: It looks like a golfer and a Spartan wearing a helmet!

#27. There’s a hidden moon inside the coffee cup.

#28. Depending on what you see first, it could be a bird in flight or the face of a lion.

#29. This yogi is carrying the silhouette of Australia on her back.

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