Missing Man Who Mysteriously ‘Vanished’ In His Apartment, Found Dead Inside The Building After More Than A Month Of Searching

He was spotted entering his apartment but never leaving. After more than a month of search, they finally located his body - in the same building.

  • Christopher Woitel has mysteriously disappeared after entering his apartment last January 8.
  • He never left the building but has since gone missing, prompting worried family members to alert the authorities and file a report.
  • After more than a month of searching, his lifeless body was found in the same building.

A CCTV footage has gone viral online after it has perplexed netizens as it showed a man entering his apartment but never leaving. Christopher Woitel, who is 50 years old, has since gone missing and the San Francisco Police quickly launched a search.

In the video taken last January 8, the computer programmer was spotted holding a bottle of wine as he entered the front door. His family members has never heard from him since speaking with him the following day.

In an interview with the media, Lara Haben, his sister, said:

“There’s been no activity. He’s not been in his apartment. There’s no activity on his bank [account]. We’re very anxious to find him.”

By January 13, the family decided to file a missing person report with the authorities. Initial investigations later revealed that the Mission District apartment was empty but found no signs of foul play. In fact, the front door chain was still locked.

“It’s been horrible,” Kathy Flynn, his other sister said, “It’s hard to sleep. It’s hard to think. It’s hard to focus on anything else. We miss him so much.”

Watch the video report here:

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After more than a month of searching, Woitel’s family made an announcement that his lifeless body has eventually been found inside the building.

Mark Guarino wrote on Facebook:

“Today, the San Francisco Police Department and the Medical Examiner notified us that they have located Chris. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of Chris’ passing. Please help us by preserving Chris’ legacy in your memories. Thank you for your love and caring support through these very difficult times.”

As of this writing, it remains unclear how Christopher died, which part of the building his body was found, or why it took long for the police, private investigators, and family members to find him. It is expected that authorities will soon disclose more details about the mysterious case.

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