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7 Charming French Villages That Will Make You Forget About Paris

Forget Paris! These towns in the French countryside are too dreamy to ignore.

Travelers and non-travelers alike would agree that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities that should be included in anyone’s bucket list. However, when you get to see the adorable and vibrant French villages, you might want to completely forget about the City of Lovers.

When traveling, one shouldn’t always limit to visiting a country’s capital – and it’s true when you visit France. The French countryside should be part of your bucket list. You’ll understand why when you get to see the beauty of these 7 adorable French villages.

#1. Eguisheim, Alsace

Step into a world of fairytale when you visit this enchanting French town. There’s so much history to this thousand-year-old village. You can find narrow streets and colorful houses with vines growing over them. It’s so spectacular that it’s not a wonder it has been voted by the people as the Favorite French Village in the country.

#2. Rochefort-en-Terre, Bretagne

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It’s no surprise that this pretty little town is one of the country’s famous spots in Brittany. In every corner, you can find charming granite houses covered in bright, colorful flowers. The village is also home to the Naia Museum, which can be found on castle grounds and features over 200 pieces of modern art.

#3. Saint-cirq Lapopie, Lot

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The history of one of France’s most beautiful villages dates back to the Middle Ages. What’s breathtaking about this small town is that it’s located on a cliffside that gives a stunning view of the Lot river.

#4. Noyers sur Serein, Bourgogne

Noyers sur Serein is one French village you shouldn’t miss if you find half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets reminiscent of the Middle Ages fascinating. Every year in November, the village hosts the truffle fairs, which are appealing to many buyers from all over France.

The town center dates back to the 15th century and has not really undergone modernization since. Being in this adorable French village is like being thrown back into time when things were simpler.

#5. Estaing, Aveyron

Breathtaking castle views, relaxing bridge walks and riverside picnics are just some of the simple things you can do in Estaing. The village has a stone bridge that was considered a UNESCO World Heritage since 1998.

#6. Kerhinet, Loire-Atlantique

This lovely village is comprised of thatched-roof cottages – and they don’t allow cars in the area. You can find a total of 18 stone cottages, which include the Flavor and Craft House or Chaumiere des Saveurs et Artisanat. This house is run by local craftsmen who sell artisan goods like cider and even artwork and jewelry.

#7. Assignan, Hérault

While cities like Cannes are well-loved by many tourists, a vacation to the southern coast will make your visit worthwhile. Village Castigno in Assignan has become a favorite spot for wine lovers. Wine tasting is a must do on your list when you visit this part, obviously but you can also indulge in culinary delights by stopping by the village’s bistros and farm-to-table restaurants.

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