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CCTV Footage Reveals Flight Attendant Christine Dacera’s Final Moments

An uncut video reveals Christine Dacera kissing her gay friend Valentine Rosales:

  • The death of Christine Dacera, a 23-year-old flight attendant, made headlines in the Philippines, where she was found lifeless in a hotel room.
  • 34-year-old Gregorio Angelo Rafael “Gigo” de Guzman shared his account of the events leading up to her death on New Year’s Day.
  • He denied that Christine was raped and stressed that there were no drugs involved.

The death of Christine Dacera, a 23-year-old flight attendant, made headlines in the Philippines, where she was found lifeless in a hotel room. Investigation for a possible rape-murder angle led to the search and questioning of her companions during the New Year’s Eve party.

Christine was the only female present in the party, which was held at one of hotel’s rooms. With her were 11 men, most or all of them reported to be gay. One of those men was 34-year-old Gregorio Angelo Rafael “Gigo” de Guzman, whom shared his story of the events leading up to Christine’s death on the morning of Jan 1, 2021.

Over a phone interview, Gigo said that he was invited by two of Christine’s other friends, Rommel Galido and John Paul Reyes Halili, to the party that they were organizing. It was to be held at Room 2209 of City Garden Hotel in Makati City. Christine herself booked the room.

Gigo arrived at the party around 9 pm. He added that it was the first time that he met Christine, who told him the story of how her group of friends was formed. She and her friends do not usually go home during the holidays, so every year they make it a tradition to meet up among themselves.

As the party progressed, they moved on to another room, which the group also rented. He mentioned that all the men in the room were gays. There they played a game, in which Christine won. Afterwards, they went back to the original room.

Gigo recalled Christine making a joke about the prize money, which was way lower than what she expected. The people in the group laughed at her remarks. He also remembered the group making a TikTok video using Christine’s phone. She even made a live video of herself.

The party went on through dawn. Gigo stressed that there were no drugs during the party and that they were only having whiskey and tequila.

The drugs became a central point in the investigation, as the police reported that Christine thought her drinks were being spiked and shared this to a friend. Gigo denied this by saying he didn’t see anyone taking drugs, adding that he himself is “allergic” to it.

By 3 or 4 am, Gigo went to sleep. When he woke up at 12 noon and learned that something bad happened to Christine – Rommel found her in the bathtub unconscious. He asked the people in the room for help when he couldn’t wake Christine up.

Gigo went to the bathroom and checked the girl’s body for signs of breathing and heartbeat. There was none. They lifted her body, placed her on the floor, and tried to do CPR. When they couldn’t revive her, they called the hotel reception for help.

CCTV Footage captures Christine Dacera’s final moments:

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After a few minutes, the hotel manager and head of security arrived in the room. They decided to bring Christine to the hospital. Gigo added that the staff used a wheelchair instead of a stretcher to carry her.

It was Rommel who went to the hospital with Christine while Gigo and John Paul settled the hotel bills. They were made to write a voluntary statement as well. Later on, the police arrived to question them. Rommel came back from the hospital and joined Gigo and John Paul in cooperating with the cops.

Gigo asked the police if he can call his lawyer, to which he was given consent. When they reached the police station, only Rommel was asked to give a statement. The group stayed their for several hours. The lawyer eventually asked the authorities if they can go.

Rommel Galido recalls that Christine, who was drunk that time, told her that she felt something and suspected that someone might have put something in her drink. Galido adds that Christine mentioned someone named “Mark” referring to Mark Anthony Rosales, one of the suspects in the said case.

“Sabi ko, who? Sabi niya, I think si Mark. Sabi ko lang sa kanya, kung anu-anong pinag-iiisip mo (I said, who? She said, she thinks it’s Mark. I just said to her, you are imagining things),” Galido stated .

As the news caused a media frenzy, Gigo wanted to deny allegations that they were hiding from the law. He said he feels sorry for his friends who were already detained without a case filed and still awaiting the autopsy reports.

He also feels sad for the reputation of his LGBT friends and the ridicule and slander that they were going to face. One of those friends, Valentine Rosales, even uploaded an uncut version of a CCTV footage showing an excited-looking Christine pulling him towards one of the room doors and grabbing to kiss him. Valentine explained on his Facebook post that he shrugged off her advances and they know how wild she can be when drunk.

The uncut video reveals Christine Dacera kissing her gay friend Valentine Rosales:

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Most of all, Gigo vehemently denied that Christine was gang raped. He stressed that all of the people at the party with Christine were gay men.

“Siyempre po, sinong mangri-rape sa kanya, e, lahat kami bakla? (Who’s going to rape her, when all of us are gay?)” he said. He observed that the group is really close and the guys loved Christine very much.

He also remembered Rommel calling Christine’s mom to tell her the bad news.

Gigo appeals for justice and the truth to come out. He repeats that this conscience is clear. He consented to give an interview to show that he’s innocent and has nothing to hide.

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