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20 Breathtaking Tree Houses Across The World You Should Check Out

Find your peace on top of the trees.

Nature has its own way of healing, relaxing, and connecting with the deepest core of being, especially when you have a view on top. You don’t have to climb a mountain or a hill just to have this experience. You can do it in style!

If you are longing to go on a great outdoor adventure, these crazy treehouses across the world will inspire you to pack your bags. Go check out the list below and see for yourself:

#1. The Azulik in Tulum, Mexico

Source: PopSugar

Set right along the alluring beauty of the Caribbean Sea, these treehouse huts will gently remind you of the mystical history of this Mayan land.

#2. The Green Village of Bali, Indonesia

Source: PopSugar

Situated along the slopes of the Ayung River and the rainforest of Bali, 18 bamboo huts showcase unique architecture and excellent craftsmanship.

#3. The Tongabezi Tree House in Zambia

Source: PopSugar

View Zambia’s fascinating beauty from the Tongabezi Tree House which is strategically perched above the Zambezi River banks.

#4. The Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

Source: PopSugar

Camping out inside this treehouse is an experience of a lifetime, with cozy beds and lots of spherical hanging objects everywhere. Outside, you will enjoy the coastal rainforest of this Vancouver Island.

#5. The Eagle View Suite at Hotel Iso-Syote in Finland

Source: PopSugar

Hotel Iso-Syöte is a glass room which is akin to your childhood treehouse. It offers an exceptional panoramic view which includes the Northern Lights during wintertime.

#6. The Mamole Tree House at Nihi Sumba in Indonesia

Source: PopSugar

The famous mega mansion treehouse in the secluded part of Nihi Sumba is a perfect getaway. It is perched between lush trees and secluded from the prying eyes of others.

#7. The Keemala in Kathu, Phuket Thailand

Source: PopSugar

The treetop villas in this Phuket rainforest are so cool that you’d wish to stay forever! Each villa even has a personal pool you can use any time of the day.

#8. The Treehouse Villas in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Source: PopSugar

Head along this Thai resort and stay in any of the duplex treehouses with cozy lounge areas and outdoor hot tubs, perfect after trekking, hiking, sea kayaking, or fishing while on this part of the island.

#9. La Sultana Oualidia in Morocco

Source: PopSugar

Perched along the edge of a lagoon is the amazing Moroccan treehouse. The chic interior utilizes wood and linen while the infinity pool outside beckons you to take a dip.

#10. The Acre Hotel in San José del Cabo, Mexico

Source: PopSugar

Nestled at the bosom of the palm trees forest is an enclave of rustic treehouses plus a chic little restaurant to keep you satiated after hours of exciting activities.

#11. The Cabanes als Arbres in Sant Hilari Sacalm, Spain

Source: PopSugar

Exploring the lush greenery of Forest of the Guilleries then taking a rest in one of the octagonal treehouses overlooking the Pyrenees are two of the best things to do in this part of Spain.

#12. The Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Source: PopSugar

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life via Christchurch to reach a cluster of treehouses that are settling comfortably in the grove of Hapuka trees.

#13. The Treehouses at Lion Sands in South Africa

Source: PopSugar

Who wouldn’t love to sleep under the stars? Adding to your delight is the full audio experience of listening to the symphony of wildlife animals like the roaring lions, cackling hyenas, coughing leopards, and more.

#14. The Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California

Source: PopSugar

When in this California coast, check out these super cool treehouses called the Nest and the Twig Hut.

#15. The Treehouse Lodge in Peru

Source: PopSugar

Get your ultimate adventure in the Amazon by staying in one of the spectacular treehouses overlooking the edge of the Amazon River on the north and the wilderness of the jungle on the other side.

#16. The Bolt Farm Treehouse & Retreat in Walhalla, South Carolina

Source: PopSugar

Take a rest inside this awesome treehouse after a tiring day of outdoor adventure in the Walhalla forest. And wake up with the streaming rays of the sun on your windows.

#17. The Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California

Source: PopSugar

Get a taste of true California living in the treehouses of Post Ranch Inn. Pamper yourself at this luxury getaway inside the lush forest where you can gaze the skylights at night and view the Pacific coastline during the day.

#18. The Dominican Tree House Village in the Dominican Republic

Source: PopSugar

This place is an ideal getaway for families. Each treehouse can accommodate four and has an entirely different layout and interior.

#19. The Nojals et Clottes, France

Source: PopSugar

Chateaus at the top of the trees! It deserves to be on top of your travel list this year. These treetop chateaus fit in with the existing castles and caves of Dordogne region.

#20. The La Piantata in Arlena di Castro, Italy

Source: PopSugar

A Bella Vita is what you deserve. Enjoy cozying up in one of the Italian treehouses on a Tuscan farm where you can feast your eyes with the marvelous sights of lavender fields and olive groves.

Needless to say, it’s fun and exciting to stay in any of these fantastic treehouses.

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