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Breaking News: Dispersed Gun and Bomb Attacks Left 158 People Dead in Paris

Some pictures of the Paris attacks

One of the restaurants under attack, seen in disarray and with one dead victim inside.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann
The dead victimsc caught in the bloody carnage were covered by blankets.

Photo credit:
The area near Bataclan Concert Hall with dead bodies lying on the streets

Photo credit: REUTERS:Philippe Wojazer
An injured man was being given first aid as distraught civilians looked on.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann
This injured man was being evacuated in the scene

Photo credit:
Civilians hug and console each other after the traumatizing attacks

Photo credit:
People were being evacuated in an organized way.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann
French special forces being deployed around the attack sites

The French forces are taking extreme vigilance for any suspicious people. This man was found innocent after checking his identity.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann


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