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Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Guide Dog And They’re The Cutest BFFs Ever

When Jake went blind, his BFF Addie proved she is the goodest of all good girls.

  • A Golden Retriever needed to have his eyes removed after a strange medical condition.
  • Jake’s owners were worried that being blind would make life difficult for the pup.
  • Luckily, Jake’s own best friend Addie stepped in to serve as his personal guide dog.

Some animals are truly amazing at watching out for each other. A Golden Retriever lost his eyes due to a medical condition. Although his owners were worried about the pooch being blind, the pup actually managed to find his own guide dog. Not surprisingly, the pair are inseparable and might be the cutest BFFs you’ll find on the internet.

Jake is a two-year-old Golden Retriever whose eyes had somehow stopped producing tears. His owners were given the option to have the eyes surgically removed or have Jake put down. It was a tough decision to make but Jake’s owners decided to give the pooch a chance at life. Amazingly, Jake’s own best friend Addie stepped in to help him navigate life without his eyes.

Jake and Addie have been best friends for some time before Jake’s eyes began to deteriorate. Not surprisingly, Addie was completely supportive of her friend after his surgery and served as his new eyes.

“Jake follows Addie’s sound and smell. After Jake’s surgery, Addie wore a little bell on her collar for a while until he got used to tracking her on his own,” their owner Kim said.

According to Kim, the BFFs have distinct personalities that make them the perfect pair.

“Jake has a laid back surfer dude type personality. He sleeps on his back with his feet up in the air. Addie, on the other hand, is more of a cuddler. She loves being everywhere we are and is always ready to share kisses,” Kim said.

Jake and Addie certainly are the cutest BFFs ever. You can follow their story on Instagram and Facebook.

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