Asians In Utah Receive Anonymous Letter Threatening Them To “Go Home Or Die”

"More people will target Asians for death," said the letter.

  • Several Asian American descents in Utah have received threatening letters from an anonymous sender.
  • The typed letter tells Asians to “go home now… or you may die.”
  • Investigations have since been launched to trace the letters’ origins.
  • “This is no joke, said Sgt. Melody Cutler of the Unified Police Department. “We are talking serious charges.”

Amid increasing cases of hate crimes against Asians in the United States, several Asian Americans in the state of Utah have expressed concern after receiving an anonymous letter dated March 17.

The said letter mentioned that six female Asian-descent victims were killed during the Georgia, Atlanta shooting and then throwing accusations against Asians such as coming “to America to rip us off” and getting away ”with prostitution.”

“All Asians must go home now”

The letter further read:

“Asians caused Covid 19 and lied about it. China needs to be bombed. All Asians need to go back to their countries now before more are Asians are KILLED. All Asians must go home now.”

Referencing the recent killing, the letter also added “Spread the word or you may die. More people will target Asians for death,” ending the message with the numbers 666.

As of this writing, authorities are already investigating the matter.

Authorities have already launched conducting an investigation, testing the letter and the envelope for fingerprints to trace its origins.

As Unified Police Department Sgt. Melody Cutler pointed out:

“This is an individual telling an entire community that they are at risk. That threatens a lot of people. It’s not right. It’s not fair. This is no joke. We are talking serious charges.”

According to reports, at least four households in Taylorsville and West Valley City have received the identical letters after finding the message in their mailboxes or their doorsteps.

Watch this video report to learn more:

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