Angry Pomeranian Sends Food Bowl Flying After Being Pranked by His Human in This Viral Video

His owner only gave him two pieces of treats. He wasn't happy about it!

  • Viral video features a pomeranian dog named Pao waiting for his human to put food in his bowl.
  • Janeiza, his owner, pranked the dog by giving him only two, tiny pieces.
  • The hilarious clip shows the mutt staring at the stingy portion, slowly looking back up at his human, and then showing some attitude by angrily sending his bowl flying in the air.

A funny, video showing a hungry, pomeranian dog named Pao giving his human an ‘attitude’ after getting pranked has gone viral.

Janeiza from Thailand, his human, filmed the entire comical scene and posted it on Tiktok where it gained 19.5 million views.

In the video, Pao hungrily awaits the treats as Janeiza opens a clear, plastic container of dog food.
She then scoops up an ample amount, pauses, and then decides to reduce the portion.
Until there’s only two, tiny pieces in the plastic cup.
Janeiza puts Pao’s food in the bowl as the mutt followed it with his gaze. He then stares, probably in disbelief of the meager treat.
Pao then slowly looks up to his human, steps on the bowl in contempt.
The almost empty bowl flies in the air and the cranky Pao walks out while snarling angrily at her.
Afterwards, Pao sniffed his bowl, which flew across the hall.

The dog’s reaction left Janeiza giggling uncontrollably. Millions of viewers were likewise amused with the mutt’s behaviour after Janeiza shared the 45-second clip on Tiktok.

Netizens couldn’t help but comment as well. One of them said, “The way he slowly looked up is sending me in oblivion.”

“The way his soul was slowly filled with rage,” said another.

“Pao: aree youu jokingg humannn,” wrote another amused netizen.

Watch the video:

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