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Marijuana Company Wants To Pay Someone $36,000 To Smoke Weed Every Day

Are you the perfect fit?

  • Here’s an exciting job opportunity for the year 2020, which just might be perfect for you.
  • American Marijuana is offering $3,000 a month to anyone who wants to smoke weed and write/vlog about it
  • But of course, the perfect candidate needs to meet some requirements.

If you smoke marijuana and you’re highly knowledgeable about it, this new job opportunity may be perfect for you – that is if you live in an American or Canadian state where weed is legal., a marijuana review site, is looking for someone who is enthusiastic about weed. The company is willing to pay up to $36,000 a year to that person who’ll sample the hot stuff in the weed market and write about their experience.

The potential candidate gets to sample different weed-based goodies and write their review.

And it seems that a lot of people are interested in this job advert. American Marijuana’s Dwight Blake, a licensed medical health counselor, who’s organizing the search for the ideal candidate, told reporters that everyone who knew about the job opportunity has so far shown enthusiasm.

 “Everyone is going crazy about smoking weed. And getting paid to do just that (and a little more) makes it all the more alluring.”

Of course, it’s an enticing offer, especially for someone who likes to smoke cannabis. Not only will you be paid $3,000 a month, but you’ll also have a go at the latest cannabis-based products.

Do you have what it takes to be a cannabis influencer?

The perfect candidate for this job will be considered as an “influencer” of the marijuana industry. Entrants should be 18 years old and above and should be a resident of any U.S. or Canada state where smoking weed is legal.

If you’re interested, treat it like any job offer – you’ll need to submit a resume and a headshot or a 60-second video from you explaining why you should be chosen for the job. You also need to be comfortable in front of a camera – think more like a vlogger. The company also requires entrants to be healthy enough to taste out cannabis samples and products regularly.

To prove that you are serious about applying, the company will ask you to list six marijuana nicknames. American Marijuana is not just looking for someone who enjoys smoking weed. They need someone who is committed, passionate about the subject and willing to educate the audience on the topic.

So, are you the perfect fit?

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