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8 Cliffside Locations You Want To Visit For A Breathtaking Holiday

Experience stunning views when you stay thousands and thousands of meters above the ground.

There’s always something magnificent about cliffside resorts. Imagine yourself having to sit by the window and getting a great view of the world around you. You sit calmly and just get yourself lost in the breathtaking beauty nature has to offer. If getting cozy in a cliffside resort is your ideal holiday, you need to check out these eight locations from around the world.

#1. The Pole House, Australia

The Pole House
This cliffside resort is definitely not for acrophobics. Located in Fairhaven, Victoria, the Pole House takes its visitors along a floating walkway, leading into the house itself that appears to be hovering.

Built in 1978, the original design was made of wooden structure that started to deteriorate due to the sea breeze. According to the Australian Traveller, the building was demolished in 2013, but is replaced with a new modern-style minimalist holiday home that still maintains the original vision from its architect.

An inside view of The Pole House

#2. Holman House, Australia

Holman House
Another pride from the Land Down Under, the Picasso painting-inspired Holman House is located in Dover Heights in New South Wales. Designed by Durbach Block Jaggers, the Holman House belongs to one of Sydney’s most affluent residential areas.

A view of the Holman House from below.

#3. Mystique Hotel, Greece

Mystique Hotel
When it comes to stunning cliffside resorts, you have to immediately think about Santorini, Greece. Book a room in this Starwood Luxury Collection hotel, and you’ll get a dose of the Aegean Sea and a romantic view of the crystalline Greek waters.

This is the view you get from the resort.

#4. Refuge des Cosmiques, France

Refuge des Cosmiques
France’s Refuge Cosmique is sitting on a rocky cliff, 3613 meters above the ground. Its doors are open all through summer with 148 beds. During winter, only 10 beds are made available.

#5. Ascher Guesthouse, Switzerland

Ascher Guesthouse
This Swiss structure that was built in the 19th century is situated just near the Wildkirchli caves and below the Ebenalp cliff. The guesthouse doesn’t offer fancy accommodation, but what you get is a marvelous view of lush forests and mountains.

For adrenalin junkies, Ascher also has a mountain hiking area. To get to the guesthouse, you will need to ride a cable car from Wasserauen-Ebenalp and hike for 15 minutes across the caves.

There’s also a lovely restaurant in the area.

#6. Kara Tyurek, Siberia

Kara Tyurek
Alright, this is not actually a dream vacation house, but the Kara Tyurek brings a whole new experience having to go to the toilet and knowing you’re 8,500 feet (2,600 meters) above sea level. It still does offer a breathtaking view from a cliff. Would you dare defecate high above the ground?

Dubbed as the "most extreme toilet in the world."

#7. Post Ranch Inn, USA

Post Ranch Inn
When staying in the Pacific Suite of this Big Sur, California resort, you’ll get a dose of sunshine and feel the ocean breeze without other guests seeing you.
The Post Ranch Inn is just—spectacular.

Post Ranch Inn's Sierra Mar Restaurant

#8. Bulgari Resort Bali, Indonesia

Bulgari Resort
The Bulgari Resort in Uluwatu is a 5-star luxury hotel that offers a remarkable beach view. The hotel design offers a blend of Balinese and Italian style. Dreaming of an exotic, lavish getaway, check out this location.

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H/T: ODDEE, The Luxury Travel Expert

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