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17 Genius Fails That You Can’t Just Understand and Explain Logically

I don't know about you, but I think #13 is worth trying.

Whether you agree or not, people are genius in their own ways. After all, we managed to survive in this ill-fated world. We simply have the ability to think our way through even the hardest of things. However, just because something is smart doesn’t necessarily mean it’s already logical. To some, it could be stupid or nonsense.

You might be wondering why a bare toilet exists in a meeting room. Or perhaps you’re scratching your head about a portrait that seems off. This isn’t something new really, as we’ve seen these kinds of things in our everyday lives.

To give you a better perspective, below are some genius fails that just can’t be explained logically. They certainly managed to stir the interest in our minds. Go on and give them a look-see!

#1. What did I tell you about a toilet in a meeting room?

Source: Imgur
#2. Or how about this one? See-through, right?

Source: pikabu
#3. Well, this makes perfect sense.

Source: Reddit
#4. You only have one job, sir. Why suck at it?

Source: Reddit
#5. Whoever thought of this deserves a standing ovation.

Source: Imgur
#6. This vehicle was used by kindergartens years ago as a canvass. They drew stuff on it.

Source: Reddit
#7. There’s always that one unnecessary part.

Source: Reddit
#8. When a panoramic shot takes its toll on you.

Source: Reddit
#9. 2017 best described in one picture.

Source: Reddit
#10. Human, meet the can opener for cans with can openers.

Source: pikabu
#11. This is why measuring stuff using your eyes isn’t a good idea.

Source: pikabu
#12. Dang! I can’t even…

Source: pikabu
#13. What do you think about a Viagra-flavored ice cream?

Source: Reddit
#14. Sometimes, things just don’t make utter sense.

Source: pikabu
#15. Winnie the… wait, what?

Source: Imgur
#16. Unfortunately, this exists today.

Source: The Dad Bag
#17. Oh, and this one, too.

Source: Imgur

So, what can you say about these so-called genius fails? If you think you have a better idea, let us know in the comments below!

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