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15 Creepy and Mysterious Abandoned Places in the World

Are you brave enough to explore these places?

6. Teufelsberg, also known as Devil’s Mountain (Berlin, Germany)

Source: Wikipedia

Sitting atop the highest hill in what used to be West Berlin is Teufelsberg, a former Nazi military college. The allies attempted to demolish the building but were unsuccessful so they decided to bury it instead under 120 meters of debris. The building encountered several owners after the Berlin Wall fell. Suggestions for reconstructing the building were given but the proposals were turned down by the Berlin authorities.

7. Château Miranda (Namur, Belgium)

Source: Yahoo

Count Liedekerke-Beaufort, a Belgian activist, was forced to move from this castle to a nearby farm together with his family during the French Revolution. Centuries later, the National Railway Company took over the structure and used it as an orphanage and a summer camp after World War II. However, the building was abandoned in 1991 due to expensive maintenance costs.

8. Kijong-Dong or Peace Village (North Korea)

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The Peace Village, which is located in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, is the only village that can be seen from the South Korean territory. It was allegedly built to remain uninhabited and has a reputation of being a fake village. How so? The place was built to look perfect and upon close examination, nobody seemed to live in the houses. Even the windows do not have glasses. Also, all the lights are lit simultaneously at specific times of the day.

9. Oradour-sur-Glane (France)

Source: Wikimedia

This French village was wiped out by a Nazi Waffen-SS Company in 1944. Its entire population of over 600, including children and women, were massacred. After the war, a new village was built nearby but then president Charles de Gaulle ordered that the town remains preserved.

10. Abandoned Movie Theater, Sinai Desert

Source: Kaupo Kikkas/ HotSpot Media

Source: Kaupo Kikkas/ HotSpot Media

Stories say that the theater was built by a French guy who thought that the desert needed a movie house. He bought the necessary stuff for a cinema: a generator from Cairo, about a hundred movie seats, and a movie screen. Everything was ready for the first show but unfortunately, the idea did not sell to the locals at all. So, the project was scrapped before it even became operational.

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