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12 Ways To Tell If You’re Emotionally Burned Out

Are you emotionally burned out? Find out if you have these signs.

When you work hard, you may find that the pressure starts to burn you out. “Burnout” is a term coined sometime in the 21st century. It describes the resulting effects of immense pressure you put on yourself to get as many tasks done as possible.

People from all walks of life may feel burnout, but the risk is higher for people who have stronger drives to be perfect. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid the emotional and mental exhaustion you may feel when you push yourself too hard. The first thing you need to do is to determine whether you are experiencing these signs.

1. Chronic Fatigue

Source: WebMD

The first sign of emotional burnout is chronic fatigues. Initially, you may feel exhausted even before you start working. As days pass, you may already feel a sense of dread of what lies ahead.

2. Insomnia

Source: US Military

People who have a lot on their mind tend to experience poor quality or no sleep at all. This is common among parents who, even during their time of “rest,” think about their invisible load.

3. Impaired Memory and Concentration

Pushing yourself too hard tend to backfire. In fact, it may have more severe effects than lazing around since your memory and concentration will be impaired if you don’t get some quality rest.

4. Physical Symptoms

Your aching back and painful shoulders may be telling you that you need to step on the brakes. The heart palpitations, chest pains, and shortness of breath you believe to be symptoms of a cardiovascular disease may just be signs that you’re overworking.

5. Loss of Appetite and Queasy Tummies

Source: Pixabay

People reported feeling queasy and losing appetite after a day’s work. This is called the “gut reaction.” Even when you deny that you need rest, your stomach has an impeccable way of telling you what your body truly needs.

6. Irritability and Anger Outbursts

Source: Pixabay

When you tend to get worked up over the smallest thing, you may want to ease back on the pressure because it is a sign that you’re at your limit. It is important to stay calm and cool in these situations.

7. Pessimism

According to Psychology Today, the emergence of a negative attitude is a clear sign of emotional burnout. When you change your perspective to a “glass half-empty” attitude, it may be high time for you to take a break from whatever causes you stress and give yourself the time you deserve.

8. Detachment and Isolation


When you feel like declining the things you used to love doing and avoiding people you care about, it may be a sign that you are already at your emotional limit. Emotional burnout tends to be accompanied by the subconscious choice to avoid other people to the point that you get angry when people try to reach out to you.

9. Demotivation

Source: PX Here

People who are already burned out tend to get demotivated, WebMD explained. When you’re at the point that you just want to laze around and wallow in your pajamas, it may be a sign that you should give in to the tempting “me time” you are subconsciously craving.

10. Hopelessness and Apathy

Hopelessness and apathy are like two peas in a pod: they both describe how you feel when you push to be better even if you already did your best. These two signs of burnout will lead you to ask yourself the end-goal of your tiresome cycle.

11. Poor Performance

Stop pressuring yourself to do better if you’re already doing your best as it would only cause you to feel burned out.

12. Emotional Instability

Source: Pixabay

When you are overwhelmed by things you need to do, you sometimes became a lot more sensitive to negative emotions. In fact, there will be a point that you are brought to tears even by the slightest hiccups you encounter.

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