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10 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Not exactly happy at work at the moment? Maybe it's time you find a new job. Here are other reasons why you should.

Working is inevitable. But it doesn’t need to be boring or crappy if you like what you’re tasked to do. Since we were little, we already have dreams of what we wanted to be when we got older. Whether they came true or not, the important lesson is that you did your best and made things work to achieve your goals.

That’s not to say that there are no pit stops at the office because there are a lot. You know you’re at the right job when you feel happy and are actually excelling at what you do, regardless if the environment may be tough. Employees who work for bosses who are always negative and grumpy will most probably want to leave ASAP.

While there are a lot of jobseekers, it can also be told that there are a lot of employees who leave their jobs because of different reasons. So how do you know if you need a new job? We give you the 10 telltale signs.

10. The feeling of being unfulfilled

Source: Roman Temkin

We spend more than 4 hours a week at the office doing our work. If you’re not inspired to do your job, then something is clearly wrong. If you get out of bed day in and day out because to you it’s routine, then it’s time to start thinking. Passion is what drives you to do what you have to do. If it’s no longer there, start rethinking options.

9. You get blamed for problems that aren’t your fault

While mistakes happen and are normal in a company, it is a different matter altogether when you get blamed for something that is clearly not your fault. If you are constantly found at fault for other people’s blunders at the office, it’s time to tender your resignation.

8. You are yelled at frequently

There will always be terrible bosses at any company. There is no lack of them at the workplace, really. But if you’re boss continuously yells at you every time, something is just not right. It doesn’t do well for your person if you have a superior who belittles you in front of everyone.

7. You absolutely hate your coworkers

Sure, there’s one person in the office you don’t like and that’s normal, but if you totally hate on your colleagues, something is really wrong in this scenario. Awful coworkers will be the death of you if you have to constantly deal with them every single day.

6. No room to advance

A job is great but it would be swell if you had a career to look forward to. It says a lot of a company if they prioritize their employees personal and career advancement, ensuring that they are able to provide for the needs of their employees. When you’re stuck at a dead-end job, you might want to leave ASAP and take your skills somewhere else.

5. Your boss takes the credit

We all know this scenario. We work so hard for a project, but at the end of the presentation, it’s the boss who gets the credit and even brags about it to the other managers. While he may have a different set of responsibilities, it is his job to ensure that you don’t feel like you’re the only one working on the major projects of the department. If he keeps turning his back on the hard work you put in, leave right away.

4. Lack of communication

A productive work environment communicates constantly and gets the message across every single time. It would be difficult to be working with peers who refuse to talk to each other. Open discussions are highly important especially in a creative organization.

3. The office is not flexible

Life isn’t exactly perfect, so it would be great if your company cut you some slack from time to time especially when you’re sick or something bad happens at home and you need to attend to it first. A workplace that is not understanding of its employees’ personal growth will most probably not care for how you advance at the workplace.

2. You have an arrogant boss

Having an arrogant boss would be difficult to work with. He will make his employees feel uncomfortable and shy when it comes to discussing new ideas for fear of getting shot down. Workplace morale drops because an overconfident superior tends to hog all the attention and does not want being told what to do.

1. The boss fires people constantly

There are employees that deserve to be given the boot, but when it has become some sort of urban legend within the company that a certain boss keeps on firing people in his department, something is definitely wrong there. A high turnover rate of employees signify that the company may be unstable or that the manager is someone whom they don’t want to work with.

Experiencing any of these at the moment? Take a break to think things through before tendering in your resignation and finding a new job to work at.

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