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10 Rippers Whose Acts Put Jack The Ripper To Shame

They did all the horrible stuff one could only imagine.

Almost everyone in this world knows who Jack the Ripper is. But while that is true, not everyone really knows why the term “ripper” is associated. Basically, this infamous dude used a tool called ripper to murder his victims. His name then began famous when he started sending letters to the police with the said name on them.

Following Jack the Ripper’s rose to fame, every murder connected to mutilation had been attached with the term “ripper.” The tool is basically used to either tear or break something. In Jack’s case, he used it on the victims’ bodies.

As scary as he was back in the day, the succeeding rippers were actually worse than him. And in fact, most of them killed more people. Remember that Jack only had five numbers to his resume. At least, this was what the reports told.

#10. Ypsilanti Ripper


Ypsilanti Ripper, whose real name was Norman Collins, had seven victims to his name. Not only did he mutilated his coed victims. He also raped and tortured them. His first victim was a 19-year-old beauty named Mary Fleszar. Sadly for her family, her body would appear decomposed during its retrieval in 1967. She was stabbed numerous times, not to mention that her fingers and feet were removed. As soon as Collins tasted blood, he went on a rampage. He went to add six more victims to his name.

#9. Gainesville Ripper

Sometime in August 1990, the people of Gainesville, Florida were terrorized by an unknown killer – who turned out to be Daniel Harold Rolling. Not only did he murder five students, he also raped them. During his slaughter rampage, parents began pulling their children out of school. Heck, even the selling of guns became a thing back then. Its sales went through the roof.

The Gainesville Ripper started his sick adventure with two college buddies namely, Christina Powell, 17, and Sonja Larson, 18. Rolling reportedly went inside their apartment while they were asleep. He killed Larson first by stabbing. As soon as he was done, his attention went to Powell whom he raped and stabbed multiple times.

#8. French Ripper

Source: Wikimedia

French Ripper managed to put up a total of 11 victims. His real name was Joseph Vacher. The media even deemed as the number one successor of Jack the Ripper. He admitted to raping, disemboweling, murdering, and even sodomizing. His victims were five shepherd girls, five shepherd boys, and one woman. The French press even coined him the “Killer of the Little Shepherds.”

The authorities, however, believed that Vacher killed around 27 people. Although at first he pleaded insanity as his defense, he was later sentenced to death.

#7. Chinese Jack the Ripper


Think of him as the Jack the Ripper of his time, only he was the Chinese version. His real name was Gao Chengyong, who reportedly murdered 11 girls and women. But believe it or not, China’s government took decades to find and arrest him. He was said to have stalked women wearing red dresses, a thing he began doing between 1988 and 2002. He both murdered and raped his victims but perhaps the grossest thing he did was removing the breasts and genitals of his victims.

#6. Craigslist Ripper


Remember the time when people started giving Craigslist a bad rep? Well, this was thanks to the Craigslist Ripper who murdered around 10 to 17 victims. In May of 2010, 911 received a call from Shannan Gilbert. She shouted, “they’re trying to kill me!” Gilbert was a prostitute who acquired clients using Craigslist. Unluckily for her, she found the Craigslist Ripper. The sad thing here, however, is the fact that the killer has yet to be arrested, according to Listverse.

Yes, he is still out there. God knows who his next victim could be.

#5. Yorkshire Ripper


Peter Sutcliffe murdered 13 women, but injured seven more victims in Yorkshire, England. Most of his victims were prostitutes. He reportedly hit them in the head using a ball-peen hammer. Not seemingly satisfied, he stabbed all of them to death with either a knife or a screwdriver. His killings earned him the name the Yorkshire Ripper. The interesting part was the fact that the police even interviewed Sutcliffe during his murders. But for some reason, they were not able to find a link connecting him and the victims. This guy was definitely on a different kind of mentality. When he got arrested, he was found out to be wearing a V-neck underwear that revealed his, well, balls.

#4. Joel the Ripper

With 17 victims to his name, it was only right for Joel Rifkin to earn the name Joel the Ripper. Like Sutcliffe, his interest was also focused on prostitutes. His itinerary was to pick up the women, pay them for sex, and strangle them in bed. He would then dismember their bodies using an X-Acto Knife. To hide any evidence, he would dispose the victims’ ripped bodies in multiple locations. In fact, one of the woman’s head was placed in a paint can. The other victim’s body was hidden in a place near a golf course.

#3. Balashika Ripper

Sergei Ryakhovsky murdered 19 people between 1988 and 1993. The attacks were so vicious and horrifying that one would think Jack the Ripper was a novice. The Balashika Ripper strangled and stabbed all of his victims to death. And what was worse? He would later have sex with the corpses. Afterwards, he would mutilate the bodies. His signature move was the removal of the genitals. He also earned the nickname “The Hippopotamus” due to his enormous size. He was 6’6” tall and weighed over 127 kgs.

#2. Atlanta Ripper


20 young black (and even mixed-race) women fell victim to the Atlanta Ripper. By the way, nobody knew who he was. The victims were either disemboweled or decapitated. The suspect’s reign in Atlanta began with Emma Lou Sharpe, who went outside to look for her mom. She then met a very strange man, who was described as black, tall, and broad-shouldered. He also wore a broad-brimmed black hat. When Emma tried to run, he quickly stabbed her in the back. Fortunately, she survived the attack. It was later found out that her mother was killed by the Atlanta Ripper.

#1. Rostov Ripper

Rostov Ripper was perhaps the most brutal of all rippers in this list. He killed around 21 boys, 17 women, and 14 girls. He said to have tortured his victims by way of biting their tongues out, and he did this while they were still alive. He would also tear away their sexual organs and/or cut their bellies wide open. Only known as Chikatilo, his signature was removing the eyes of his victims. He either sliced or stabbed them. His reason was simply because of a lore, which suggests that a murdered person can imprint his/her eyes on the face of their killer.

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