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10 Gorgeous Places To Visit In Italy Other Than Rome

#4 is perfect for foodies!

When people talk about traveling to Italy, they usually imagine going to the Colosseum or seeing St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. However, there are so many other gorgeous places to visit in the country other than its famous capital. Some even believe that visiting these smaller cities is a better experience than the usually crowded Rome.

Some of these amazing cities are already popular destinations like Naples and Florence. But have you heard of the scenic beaches of Reggio Calabria or the numerous Baroque architecture found in Noto? Whether you’re into history, arts, food, or wine, there’s one city in this list that will make you want to visit Italy right away. Here are 10 gorgeous place to see in Italy other than Rome.

#1. Naples

Pizza lovers already know about Naples, the home of authentic Neapolitan pizza made with a specific type of tomatoes and cheese. The city has always been popular but still got a boost when Julia Roberts took a trip to Naples in search of those yummy pizza slices in the movie Eat Pray Love.

In addition to pizza, Naples is known for Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that doomed Pompeii in 79 AD.

#2. Parma

Ever wondered where Parmigiano-Reggiano came from? The famous cheese originated from the northern Italian city of Parma, which is also known for amazing meats like prosciutto di Parma and a ham called culatello.

In addition to great food, Parma is perfect for travelers who want to see gorgeous architecture.

#3. Modena

If you’re into fast cars, look no further than the birthplace of the Ferrari. Modena houses the Enzo Ferrari Museum where you can find several sports car on display.

The Ferrari Museum isn’t the only awesome thing about Modena. You will also find the Luciano Pavarotti Museum in the city.

#4. Bologna

You’ve probably heard of Bologna because it is known as the “Italian food capital.” It’s a well-deserved title considering the amazing selection of food from traditional restaurants as well as modern spots.

The food might draw you into the city but it’s the gorgeous churches like the Basilica di San Petronio and Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca that will take your breath away.

#5. Reggio Calabria

Are you looking for an Italian city that isn’t swamped with other tourists? Reggio Calabria is the perfect spot for you. In addition to its stunning historical buildings like the Castello Aragonese, you can spend a relaxing time at Lungomare Falcomata, the local beach promenade.

#6. Noto

The Sicilian city of Noto has been called the Baroque Capital of Italy for an obvious reason. It’s hard to explore the city without coming across Baroque architecture.

Not surprisingly, the food is also excellent in Noto. Make sure to drop by Caffé Sicilia, which has been selling coffee and pastries for the past 124 years.

#7. Palermo

The capital city of Sicily has amazing historical sights to see. You can view the entire city from the top of Mount Pellegrino or gaze up in wonder at the golden ceiling of the Norman Palace.

#8. Syracuse

If ancient ruins are your thing, the historic city of Syracuse will not disappoint. Make sure to visit the island of Ortigia to see ancient Greek Theater that is still operating to this day.

#9. Trento

Wine lovers will feel very much at home in Trento. After all, it is home to famous names in wine like Rotari and Mezzacorona. In addition to that, the amazing sites like Duomo di Trento will simply take your breath away.

#10. Florence

You probably know about Florence for its stunning architecture and impressive collection of artwork. This includes Michaelangelo’s famous sculpture of David, which can be found at the Accademia Gallery.

Rome might be the one of the most popular travel destinations in the world but it’s hardly the only place to see in Italy. Make sure to visit these gorgeous cities when you’re planning an Italian holiday.

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