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10 Foods You Should NEVER Feed Your Cats

#5 might be a surprise to some!

We love our cats and sometimes, it can be tempting to just feed them with any food we have in the kitchen. This, however, should not be the case at all times, according to experts, since some common foods can be dangerous for our pets.

In an article posted by HomeOAnimal, we read that certain food items can be pretty toxic for our furry buddies and so we should be very cautious about what we put in their bowls. Go check out this list to learn more:

1. Onions and garlic

Name it: raw, cooked, powdered, or whatever, onions and garlic are definitely not good for cats. Besides, they “contain sulfoxides and disulphides which can poison your cat by breaking down his red blood cell… and lead to anemia, lethargy, weight loss and gastrointestinal problems,”reported HomeOAnimal.

2. Uncooked eggs

Another no-no for our feline friends are raw eggs because they can cause diarrhea and vomiting due to salmonella poisoning. Moreover, raw eggs have avidin, an enzyme which lowers absorption of B vitamin biotin and thus mess up your pet’s hair coat and skin.

3. Alcohol

Sure, it may seem common sense would automatically dictate that we never give alcoholic drinks to our cats, but unfortunately, there are some people out there who may have to be reminded. Alcohol not only causes intoxication but may even lead to coma or death. Actually, even a tiny amount can cause liver and brain damage to our beloved kitties.

4. Yeast dough

Once consumed, yeast dough will expand inside your cat’s stomach and this can cause pains or even stomach and intestine rupture.

5. Raw fish

According to the HomeOAnimal website:

“It is unsafe to feed your cat raw fish. It can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats or even poisoning because of the bacteria that raw fish carries. It can also destroy a vitamin that’s essential to cats: thiamine. When this vitamin is missing, it can cause neurological problems in your cat. It can also lead to loss of appetite, seizures and death.”

6. Green tomatoes and potatoes

What green tomatoes and potatoes have in common is that they contain Glycoalkaloid Solanine, a toxic alkaloid that can potentially cause gastrointestinal difficulties for your cat. Although some pet foods in the market contain tomatoes, those products only use small quantities of ripe ones so they are not harmful.

7. Chocolate

Yes your favorite sweet treats are not good for your feline friend and we mean all kinds – from dark, white, milk, and baking chocolates. Besides, they contain theobromine which can lead to various health problems such as irregular heart rhythm and seizures, among others.

8. Milk

Wait, cats love drinking milk, right? Well yes, giving milk should not be a problem for kittens but once they age, adult cats become lactose intolerant and so processing dairy products can be a struggle. As a result, milk consumption could all to often lead to upset stomach and diarrhea.

Your best bet is to buy cat milk from pet stores since those ones are lactose-free.

9. Caffeine

Keep your coffee, tea, and soda drinks away from your cat. Consuming a small amount can cause heart palpitations and restlessness. Worse, a huge consumption can lead be lethal.

10. Xylitol

Xylitol is often found in gum, candy, toothpaste, and others. In case your cat ingests it, Xylitol can boost your cat’s insulin levels and cause vomiting and lethargy. Liver failure can also be a potential problem.

Contact your veterinarian right away if you think your pet has consumed any of these dangerous foods.

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