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10 Coolest Airports Around The World

#10 doesn't even look like an airport at all!

People usually don’t think much about airports for several reasons. We are always in a rush to get to a new destination or perhaps in a hurry to get back home. However, there are some airports that can truly make you take a few minutes to appreciate the sights around you.

Some airports aim to please passengers before they get on the plane. These terminals make sure that you enjoy your wait before flying off to new territories, whether it’s true a surprise tropical paradise or awesome shops that have everything you need for relaxation. Here are 10 of the coolest airports around the world.

#1. Changi Airport – Singapore

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There’s a good reason why Changi Airport has been declared the best airport in the world for six consecutive years. The airport is so amazing that people sometimes just visit to see the amazing sights.

Changi Airport boasts of botanical gardens with its own ponds. In addition to that, you can relax at the free movie theater, rooftop swimming pool, or the 24-hour spas.

#2. Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

You’ll never be bored when you’re at the Hong Kong International Airport. The terminal also has great shops, an IMAX theater, and an interactive educational park for children. Plus, guests can get a free cocktail at the Lan Kwai Fong Bar.

Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? The airport is conveniently located just five hours’ flight time away from other locations around the world.

#3. Incheon International Airport – South Korea

Most airports have uncomfortable chairs that often leave you more tired than relaxed. However, the international airport in Incheon clearly wants to make sure you can take a nap while you wait.

The terminal features reclining lounges in darkened corners so you can get your beauty sleep. After that, you can even use the free showers where you are given a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a hairdryer, and a towel.

#4. Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Malaysia

The airport itself is already awesome with its numerous TVs and free WiFi. However, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport also happens to have its own mall.

If your layover is really long and the mall loses its appeal, you can also get some much needed rest at the terminal’s Capsule Transit Airport Hotel. There’s a locker where you can keep your luggage as well as capsule-style beds and showers.

#5. London Heathrow Airport – UK

Most people go to airports to ride a plane. However, some visitors who head for the London Heathrow Airport actually go there for the food.

Although the choices aren’t endless, the airport does have some great restaurants. You can go for European cafes, British pubs, and sophisticated full-service dine-in restaurants at the terminal.

#6. Munich Airport – Germany

What makes Munich Airport so different from the other airports in the list? For one, it has its own brewery that serves beer straight from the tap.

If you’re trying to avoid alcoholic beverages, there are other ways to relax. The Munich Airport also has a miniature golf course, a few aviation models with an interactive historic aircraft experience, as well as a giant slide.

#7. McCarran International Airport – USA

The primary airport in Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint with its 24-hour slot machines. Like the Munich Airport, it also has its own brewery as well as several amazing restaurants.

Need to stay in shape after a hearty meal? LAS has a gym where full access includes shower and sauna facilities for only $25.

#8. Dubai International Airport – UAE

Visitors are usually impressed with the amenities at the Dubai International Airport. After all, it’s pretty hard to find another airport that has its own Wolfgang Puck restaurant. However, there’s another reason why the terminal is part of the list.

The airport boasts of smart gates so you don’t have to wait in long queues. You can simply walk in and be automatically checked in. In addition to that, the terminal’s “Wow-Fi” is known as the fastest Wi-Fi in the world with speeds up to 39.50 mbps. Wow, indeed.

#9. Suvarnabhumi Airport – Thailand

If you want to taste traditional Thai cuisine before you leave Bangkok, the Suvarnabhumi Airport has you covered. There are several restaurants around the terminal that will soothe your cravings.

If you really want to go back to the city before flying away, you can also take the in-airport train back to Bangkok. It’s a speedy way to get in and out of the terminal no matter what time it is.

#10. Ko Samui International Airport – Thailand

The island of Ko Samui has its own international airport owned by Bangkok Airways. However, it doesn’t look or feel like an airport at all.

The Ko Samui International Airport doesn’t have air conditioning and relies on the natural air flow to cool the terminal. It’s also a fun place that hosts the Samui Robot Group shop which sells monsters made from recycled auto parts. How’s that for a unique island souvenir?

These cool airports will certainly make your trip worthwhile. Make sure to visit them on your next vacation.

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