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CEO Falls Asleep At Work, His Staff Photoshops Him Into Crazy Memes





Zeev Farbman, CEO and co-founder of Lightricks, is a very busy guy. Besides, his startup company presently has four new upcoming products and so everyone’s really working hard at their office. So we really can’t blame him if, once in a while, he gets some well-deserved nap. Running a company isn’t actually easy, you know.

Besides, no one would dare take his a snap shot and turn it into funny memes, right? He’s the boss after all!

Well, he definitely had no idea. His employees were brave enough to take a photo and then use Enlight, the company’s editing app, to make fun of him, inserting him into movie scenes, classic paintings, food, and everything in between.

Needless to say, the results were crazy hilarious. Go scroll down and see for yourself:

This is the original photo of CEO Zeev Farbman who fell asleep on the office couch.

sleeping ceo photoshop 1

#1. The toothpaste.

sleeping ceo photoshop 2

Source: Enlight App
#2. Street partying./h5>
sleeping ceo photoshop 3

Source: Enlight App
#3. Oscars 2016 with Leonardo DiCaprio.

sleeping ceo photoshop 4

Source: Enlight App
#4. Oh he just can’t wait to be king…

sleeping ceo photoshop 5

Source: Enlight App
#5. Cellphone removal surgery?

sleeping ceo photoshop 6

Source: Enlight App
#6. Paint me like one of your French girls.

sleeping ceo photoshop 7

Source: Enlight App
#7. The Simpsons.

sleeping ceo photoshop 8

Source: Enlight App
#8. “I’m a genie in a bottle, baby!”

sleeping ceo photoshop 9

Source: Enlight App
#9. Sleeping Beauty.

sleeping ceo photoshop 10

Source: Enlight App
#10. The ballerina.

sleeping ceo photoshop 11

Source: Enlight App
#11. The Last Supper.

sleeping ceo photoshop 12

Source: Enlight App
#12.Got headache. Not in the mood for it.

sleeping ceo photoshop 13

Source: Enlight App
#13. Don’t roll too far.

sleeping ceo photoshop 14

Source: Enlight App
#14. The Walking Dead.

sleeping ceo photoshop 17

Source: Enlight App
#15. Just one bite, okay?

sleeping ceo photoshop 16

Source: Enlight App

The obvious lesson here, of course, is that if you need to take a nap at work, do it somewhere private. These days, people wouldn’t spare you from pranks even if you’re the boss, you know.

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