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Get Stunning Miniature Worlds on Your Fingers With These Wooden Rings

Want a unique accessory that no one else has? Get these tiny wooden rings with beautiful landscapes inside them!

Rings are an understated accessory that make a huge impact on an outfit. With the many things people do to draw attention to their hands, such as making gestures, eating, or fixing their hair, rings instantly get the attention of their audience. But while there are a lot (and I mean a lot!) of ring options out there like simple bands, intricately set stones, and fingertip rings, those who really want to draw attention to their fingers might want to pick this option.

Secret Wood is a Canada-based online shop that sells gorgeous handmade wooden rings with fantasy-like worlds in them. Whether you like spring scenery, snowy winter landscapes, or fiery forests, Secret Wood can create these worlds for you. Each one-of-a-kind ring is made using fresh wood and jewelry resin, and no two rings are identical. In fact, once a buyer has chosen a ring design from their shop, they’ll send over a picture of the ring they made to make sure the buyer is 100% happy with the design.

Each ring is made with love over a period of 5 – 6 weeks. Sure, that’s quite a wait, but can you really hold it against them when each ring is so stunning?

Just check out some of their rings below.

Waltz of the Winds

Source: Secret Wood
Waltz of the Winds in Purple

Source: Secret Wood
Redwood Forest

Source: Secret Wood
Original Blossom Forest

Source: Secret Wood
Midnight Snowfall

Source: Secret Wood
Majestic Thicket

Source: Secret Wood
Green Millettia Laurentii Forest

Source: Secret Wood
Ethereal blossom

Source: Secret Wood
Enchanted Forest

Source: Secret Wood
Delicate Dark Arctic Forest

Source: Secret Wood

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