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Women Likely to Lose Interest in Sex Than Men, According to New Study

The study also explores reasons why one suddenly loses his/her desire to do the deed.

For some, sex is all about pleasure and fun, the kind of experience that everyone in this world desires to feel. Apparently, it is a complicated thing, to begin with. For instance, you may be attracted to your partner – both physically and emotionally – but it does not mean you are going to have a blast. Neither is your partner guaranteed to be in the mood for the deed.

Apparently, a recent study suggests a definitive reason as to why some individuals start to lose their desire for sexual intercourse. The study, which is courtesy of BMK Open, includes 4,839 men and 6,669 women, between the ages of 16 and 74 years old, all of whom had at least one sexual encounter.

A new study reveals why women are likely to lose interest in the bedroom than men.

Source: YouTube

Researchers found out that 15 percent of men and 34 percent of women had a lack of interest in sex. Interestingly, the culprit behind was the lack of libido, which is something related to age, so to speak. Apart from the latter, the issues found were mental and physical health in either of the sexes. The study also suggests that men and women who experienced sexual abuse in the past – or at least diagnosed with sexually transmitted infection – tend to veer away from the deed.

The researchers also discovered that some participants barely think about it when they do not feel any emotional stability and closeness with their partner. But believe it or not, the most surprising element in the study was the large discrepancy between men and women. It turned out that the latter was over twice as likely as men to be not in the mood for sexual intercourse.

Sexual abuse plays a huge part in an individual’s desire to commit the deed.

Source: FunBuzzTime

It is not a surprise if couples tend to lose interest with each other after being in a relationship for an extended length of time. The researchers, however, insist that sex is an important factor in keeping a relationship last longer.

According to the author of “Should I Stay or Should I Go” named Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.,

Sex doesn’t have to be all candles and foreplay. Sometimes it can make it more playful within the timeframe.

There are plenty of ways to keep the intimacy level high, and one of these is cuddling.

Durvasula adds that cuddling and touching are enough to build intimacy, and all of these naturally translate to something in the bedroom. She further suggests that it is important for couples to talk to each other, especially if they feel like their libido has been lower than usual. Maintaining a decent communication line is paramount to solving this particular issue at hand.

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