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Woman Gets Shocked By ‘Zombie Fish’

A woman who’s preparing to cook a fish gets startled when it suddenly seems to come back to life.


YouTube user Ed Cupp caused a fuss when he uploaded a video clip featuring a dead fish that seems to have come back to life. Since it was uploaded a couple of years ago, the video has gotten 10,288,377 views. It goes to show that it has universal appeal.

Now, of course, we understand if you’re skeptical about stories like this. You’re probably saying, “Something seems fishy.” (Pun totally intended.) However, there’s video backing Cupp’s fantastic claim. At the very least, it seems to be convincing and relatively believable and very entertaining.

Is this the fishy version of The Walking Dead?

Is this the fishy version of The Walking Dead?

Cupp’s wife had already chopped off the creature’s head and taken out its innards. She was about to cook it, so she held it by its tail. Cupp related that the incident happened around 40 minutes after his wife finished preparing it for cooking. There is no doubt that the fish is completely lifeless.

Then again, the unthinkable suddenly happened. The headless and gutted animal seemed seemed to be struggling against the hold of Cupp’s wife.

In his Creepy Basement article, Mike Cahill noted: “According to a few commenters on the video, fish bodies can be fully controlled by just the spinal cord. When Cupp’s wife touched the fish in a certain way, it sent signals up the spinal cord, triggering the body to move like that.”

Can you imagine this thing attacking you?

Can you imagine this thing attacking you?

A certain commenter also added, ‘This shouldn’t be a surprise. lizard’s tail does the same thing when they are cut.”

Of course, there are also some people who think the headless fish isn’t really moving. They allege that some sort of trick was involved to make it seem like it was moving.

Check out the “zombie fish” in action.

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Whatever the case may be, the video of the crazy kitchen scenario continues to attract people to this day. Now, if that’s not proof of its viral appeal, then we don’t know what is.


Woman Writes Heartfelt Facebook Post About Her 98-Year-Old Grandmother

A woman gives a touching tribute to her 98-year-old grandmother, who helped raise her.

A Facebook user from the Philippines named Jen Ampler is getting a lot of buzz after she posted a series of photos featuring her 98-year-old grandmother and herself. She also wrote a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother to accompany the photos.

The post went was published last June 24 and, by June 28, it had already been shared over 32,000 times and had gotten over 900 comments.

It's easy to see why so many hearts were touched by the simple-yet-sincere expression of love from a grandchild for her grandparent.

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The woman’s impeccable manners has charmed practically everyone — including the folks at Google.

On June 9, Ben Eckersley visited his grandmother May Ashworth at her home in England's Greater Manchester area. He happened to see her laptop, which had the Google tab open. He chuckled when he saw what he had searched for. She had typed these exact words on the Google search box: "Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you."

For his part, Eckersley found his grandmother's polite Google search adorable. So, he took a photo of the laptop's screen and then shared it on Twitter, where he uses the handle @Push10Ben. He thought nothing of it and was even shocked when it went viral.

The most polite Google search ever.

The most polite Google search ever.

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Here's a reverse story about a dog who loves his doggie daycare so much, he actually escaped home and walked a whole mile just to be in the facility where he normally spends many happy hours with his other animal friends.

Meet Riley, the dog who ran away from home.

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