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Woman Explodes in a Bloody Mess in Public Before She Could Get a Tampon!

For those of us who aren’t too diligent with keeping track of our periods, this hits too close to home.

The thing about periods is that it can sometimes drop by at unexpected moments. In cases when it comes a little late, it’s a huge sigh of relief. But when it comes early, that’s when disasters often strike.

Say goodbye to your pretty panties during period week.


You’ve probably experienced it before (or seen someone experience it): the rummaging through your purse for a tampon, finding nothing, looking around for any women who might have some, and the sudden realization that your best chance is stuffing your panties with tissues or running to the nearest store.

To perfectly illustrate the desperation women go through to find a tampon when Aunt Flo arrives, the guys at Trollstation conducted a prank where a girl would ask strangers for a tampon. When she comes up short, that’s when she’ll break down. And that’s not the best bit – in true bloody fashion, she’ll start spewing period blood from under her skirt.

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Keep in mind that no matter how heavy the flow, period blood will never spew out like that. But the horrified reactions of the people show that the were less concerned about the physiology of period blood and more concerned about the fact that there’s a woman who has a pretty good chance of bleeding to death.

That definitely gives a whole new meaning to the term “explosive periods.”


Source: Trollstation

A prank like this is admittedly gross, but it can open up a dialogue about women and their periods. While it never happens the same way as with the woman in the video, suddenly getting one’s period in public is one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to a woman.

Moral of the story: Always have a tampon or a pad on you wherever you go. You never know if you or someone else might need it!


15 Smart-Ass Trolls Who Are Technically Not Wrong

A round of applause for all the trolls who, while making it a tad inconvenient, still manage to get a chuckle out of everyone else.

The best kind of trolling is the one done by sarcastic smart-asses. While they may not do what you tell them to do, you still have to admit that they are technically correct, and it just might be the worst kind of correct.

But you have to hand it to these guys - they may be annoying, but they're sure to elicit a couple of chuckles from people with a similar sense of humor.

1. Would this pick-up line be more effective when delivered in a smart-ass way?

1. Would this pick-up line be more effective when delivered in a smart-ass way?...

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This Raccoon Stole a Guy’s Phone and He Caught it All on Camera

This backyard bandit takes the cake.


Raccoons are highly sociable animals. They are also extremely curious and mischievous. In fact, they’re known as backyard bandits for their tendency to raid neighborhood trashcans.

They also dabble in petty thievery.

Just ask this guy who got his phone stolen by one such creature.


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Shampoo Prank Gets Even More Hilarious With A Police Officer Involved

This is too funny not to share. LOL! An epic prank from HoomanTV!

If you are a fan of fun pranks, you’ve probably come across one of Hooman’s Shampoo Pranks on YouTube.

Since joining YouTube in 2014, Hooman Nouri of HoomanTV has done about five of these shampoo-related pranks and several videos showing him picking up girls “using my own goofy style that actually seems to work so far,” the about section of his channel tells us. His aim, of course, is to make his viewers “smile more.”

Hooman Nouri of Hooman TV recruited a 'movie police officer' for his latest shampoo prank.


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