Woman Posts Texts From A Guy Who Dumped Her Because She Had Sex With A Black Man

Dating has evolved throughout time. Today, dating can seem like a fast-paced activity people get into to either find the love of their lives or just meet someone to spend time with.

With all the dating apps and websites on the internet, you can end up meeting new people from all walks of life –
there are good ones and some are not what you expect. For a woman who shared her conversation with a potential partner, she was shocked at the guy’s weird questions.

Sarah Chamberlain shared a series of text messages between her and a guy who she met in an online dating site.

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The post went viral for one reason, Sarah thinks he is a racist.

Apparently, the guy doesn’t want to continue meeting Sarah on a date for one reason, she honestly admitted that she had sex with a black man when the guy asked.

Here’s the conversation between Sarah and the guy she’s talking to.

The guy asked if she had previously hooked up with a black guy.

Sarah asked where the question came from and said she dated a black guy in the past. The guy then asked if they had sex. Sarah said yes, and continued to say that they used protection.

Then the guy blew the bubble, he said he doesn't find white women attractive if they dated a black guy.

The guy continued by saying doesn't want to hang out anymore.

Obviously, Sarah became upset with the guy’s reason on why he doesn’t want to see her again.

The guy reacted that he will never hook up with someone who has dated a black guy. But it doesn’t end there, in the comments section of the original Tweet, Sarah posted more screenshots of their text messages.

Sarah said that the guy is a racist, but he completely denies it.

Unbelievably, the guy said he’s not racist because he owns a colored TV and he just doesn’t agree with the idea of white women dating or hooking up with black guys.

He continued on by saying that he does not discriminate based on skin color.

Though he said he had a black guy live with him and worked with them at work. However, Sarah insisted he’s discriminating people because of their race. The guy also said that she can delete his number and forget all about him.

The conversation ended with his opinion on having white women and black men hooking up, and vice versa. He said he’s entitled to his opinion.

What do you think about the conversation between the two? Is he a racist or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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