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Netizens Express Disgust As Woman Was Found Pooping In A Public Place In Hong Kong





There are some events in this world that are just plain bizarre that we can’t even decipher the real reason why it happened. “To each his own,” said the popular saying – this means that each individual has his/ her own quirks and oddities that some people may not understand. This includes thumb sucking even past the infant stage, having very unique bedtime routines, etc.

But in this web post we saw, we can’t help but cringe upon seeing this photo of a woman in a public place in Hong Kong. She was seen squatting in the middle of Tai Wai’s Lung Hang Estate seemingly doing a number two. The caption of the original photo posted online read, “Be careful of stepping on landmines.”

Here is the photo:

This middle-aged woman from Hong Kong allegedly pooped in the middle of a public place in Hong Kong.


Photo credit: Coconuts Hong Kong

Netizens have expressed their opinions to the said picture and here’s what some had to say:

“Fucking crazy. Even adults crap everywhere on the street?”

“Oh no! Did someone lose their orangutan?”

“This is completely normal, Hong Kong’s been ‘returned’ [to China]!”

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