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Woman Gets Murdered After Humiliating One-Night Stand Lover About His ‘Small Penis’

Kovalenko laughed after seeing that her date was not well-endowed.

A Russian mother-of-three has been murdered by her one-night stand lover after mocking him for his “small size.” The suspect, an unnamed 25-year-old, confessed to strangling 29-year-old divorcee Marina Kovalenko to death after she humiliated him for having a small penis.

Kovalenko reportedly met her lover at a cafe in a village in Volgograd, Russia. The alleged murderer offered to take his date home but they ended up having sex.

Kovalenko, however, was not that pleased about their tryst.

She mocked her date for having a small penis.

According to the man, he had taken Kovalenko to a garage he’s renting and had their sexual encounter there. Kovalenko laughed after having seen that her date was not well-endowed, a police source said. The man, who had no prior convictions, then admitted to officers that he was deeply “humiliated” and went “insane” that he ended up killing Kovalenko.

The suspect strangled the woman to death before taking her dead body to the forest and buried her.

Kovalenko's friends started reporting her missing.

The police then were able to track down the man she was with.

Police questioned the man and according to his first account he and Kovalenko separated ways after their date and that she went home on her own, a source shared. However, authorities found CCTV footage that proved Kovalenko was indeed with the suspect and they had gone to the garage. They also saw Kovalenko leave the garage but already dead.

Kovalenko's three kids have been handed over to their father.

The divorcee left behind three kids aged all under the age of 11. The suspect was compelled to admit to the killing after he was pressured by the mounting evidence. He then showed police where he took her body. Kovalenko’s killer could face 15 years of jailtime if convicted.


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    April 14, 2018 at 7:17 AM

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