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Michigan Mom Buys Daughter Underwear Only to Find a Creepy Note From Philippines

Be more aware of what you purchase.

Grace Alviar Viray





Everyone has heard of unfair and abusive employers mistreating their staff: stories of workers who are underpaid and abused are very common. Just recently, a woman from Michigan may have received a note from one of those workers.

Nicole Perez was surprised when she opened the Tinkerbell underwear package she bought for her daughter. Inside it was a handwritten note on a cardboard with a disturbing message. It also had the name and contact details of the person who has written the note.

Nicole was stunned with what she found inside the underwear package.


I was terrified. I just felt like everything just dropped to my stomach.


The note, which was inserted in the underwear package, was just disturbing for Nicole.

It had the words, “Help me, plz!”


And it all just made sense: the product was made in the Philippines.


And the note also came from someone in the Philippines.


Nicole tried to call the number on written on the note but was unsuccessful. She also bought the product secondhand which made it more difficult to know when the note was written.

Rebecca Tungol, President of the Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan, said many Filipinos use prepaid mobile phones which are usually untraceable. However, she also said that the Philippines has labor laws that protect workers in the Philippines.

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On a final note, Nicole will be sending the product back to the Philippines for further investigation. She says that she has become more aware of the products she purchases.


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Facebook Campaign In Peru Encourages Citizens To Be Vigilantes And Punish Criminals

Fed up with Peru’s crooked justice system, these citizens decided to take matters into their own hands!

Mark Andrew



Most of the time, vigilantes are portrayed in a positive light in movies, TV shows, books, and comics.

Batman, Green Arrow, Punisher, and Daredevil are among some of the popular fictional characters that fall under the category. They are the heroes of the masses and quite frankly, I personally find it a bit satisfying to watch these costumed characters beat the bad guys – individuals and groups who usually know how to easily escape the consequences of their crimes.

Still, I have to say that hearing about real-life vigilantism gave me mixed feelings.

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American Missionary Gets Detained In Philippines After Bullet Is “Discovered” In His Luggage

American missionary Lane Michael White was arrested in a Philippine airport following allegations of having a bullet in his luggage.

Mark Andrew



20-year-old American missionary Lane Michael White has been detained in the Philippines after airport security allegedly discovered a .22-cal. bullet in his luggage.

White arrived with his parents in the country last week so they can personally inspect a lot in Palawan where they are hoping to build a local church in the area. After their connecting flight got cancelled, they had no choice but to book a new flight at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4 the next day - and that's where the nightmare began.

Airport security personnel said that they discovered the bullet when White's luggage went through the X-ray scanner. The Office of Transportation Security (OTS) of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) insisted that the bullet not “planted,” despite White's denial.

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UFC Legend Tank Abbott Offers $1,000,000 If Ronda Rousey Can Beat Him

Tank Abbott recently issued a challenge to Ronda Rousey, saying he can beat her without even training.

Mark Andrew



Although currently considered by many as the world’s most dangerous woman, undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey still has her share of haters in the industry. Sadly, one of those who openly belittled her and her fighting abilities is a UFC veteran himself.

David Lee “Tank” Abbott said he isn’t impressed with Rousey’s skills. He added he is, in general, not convinced about the idea of having female fighters and even went as far as challenging Rousey, saying he can easily beat her - or any female fighter - if given the chance.

Tank Abbott recently made the sexist claims on a podcast guesting.

ronda-rousey-tank-abbott 4

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