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Michigan Mom Buys Daughter Underwear Only to Find a Creepy Note From Philippines





Everyone has heard of unfair and abusive employers mistreating their staff: stories of workers who are underpaid and abused are very common. Just recently, a woman from Michigan may have received a note from one of those workers.

Nicole Perez was surprised when she opened the Tinkerbell underwear package she bought for her daughter. Inside it was a handwritten note on a cardboard with a disturbing message. It also had the name and contact details of the person who has written the note.

Nicole was stunned with what she found inside the underwear package.


I was terrified. I just felt like everything just dropped to my stomach.


The note, which was inserted in the underwear package, was just disturbing for Nicole.

It had the words, “Help me, plz!”


And it all just made sense: the product was made in the Philippines.


And the note also came from someone in the Philippines.


Nicole tried to call the number on written on the note but was unsuccessful. She also bought the product secondhand which made it more difficult to know when the note was written.

Rebecca Tungol, President of the Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan, said many Filipinos use prepaid mobile phones which are usually untraceable. However, she also said that the Philippines has labor laws that protect workers in the Philippines.

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On a final note, Nicole will be sending the product back to the Philippines for further investigation. She says that she has become more aware of the products she purchases.


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