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Watch What this Woman Did When She Caught Her Boyfriend with a Stripper!





How would you react if you came home early and found your partner alone with a stripper? If you’re like a warrior princess, then I bet all hell would break loose! Every little thing your shaking hands could grasp would probably fly across the room—even that unfortunate woman.

But, what if it was just a practical joke?

YouTube star Cenek Styblo of the ViralBrothers, wanted to get even with his girlfriend, Lenka, for the 100 Electric Bug Zappers Torture Prank—a trick she pulled on him before. Since his girlfriend was away, he thought of doing a stripper prank in revenge. The plan is to let Lenka catch him with a dancer in their home in time for her “unexpected” arrival.

As they love playing practical jokes on each other, Cenek’s brother, Froněk connived with him. Froněk disguised as the exotic dancer! He shaved his legs, slipped into a tiny, black dress, wore a wig, and a pair of red shoes. Can you guess what Lenka did when she saw the “stripper” dancing in front of her man?

Watch this hilarious video:

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