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Woman Wakes Up From Surgery Suddenly Express Hilarious Demands from Her Boyfriend

We wonder how she felt after watching this clip, with all the anesthesia gone?

Surgeries require some kind of anesthetic to numb patients of the pain associated with the procedure. Anesthesia puts individuals to sleep, relax the muscles and calm the mind so that the surgeons may be able to perform the surgery well and induce relaxation for the patient. But when the anesthesia starts to wear off, expect the unexpected as the after effects are usually far from calm and pretty.

Have you ever encountered anyone who had gone under the knife and still has all the after effects of anesthesia? If you haven’t, then let us show you just how such a person may speak and act like. In this hilarious video, a man films his wife after undergoing a dental surgery. She had her wisdom teeth removed and after the procedure, she was at the very least upset and not pleased. And when we heard about her expected outcome of the surgery and her complaints of frustration, we can’t help but laugh so hard!

Watch the video here:

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Who would have thought that her expected surgical outcome was to look like Nicki Minaj and become best friends with Ellen DeGeneres? We think the video is totally hilarious and that it would be lovely for the two celebrities to see this clip!

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Credits: Jayci Spencer

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