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Ever Heard of ‘Wingsuit Rodeo’? It’s Skydiving With A Crazy New Twist

Talk about a crazy twist to skydiving!






Adrenaline junkies live for the thrill. While jumping off a plane is already crazy for some people, it isn’t just enough for daredevils. They just had to give it a twist to make the adventure even much crazier. It’s called wingsuit rodeo and it has brought an added thrill to skydiving.

Would you give wingsuit rodeo a try if you knew that it involves jumping off a plane, straddling on to a wingsuiter and holding on to him for as long as you can? Eventually, you need to let go and deploy your parachute.

Wingsuit rodeo is a sport that has given a crazier twist to skydiving.

It involves a non-wingsuiter riding on a person with a wingsuit.

Apparently, skydivers find that it’s not enough to just jump off a plane and deploy a parachute.

In wingsuit rodeo, jumpers will leave the plane, with the non-wingsuiter holding on to the wingsuiter’s rig.

According to, the added mass and effect of aerodynamics will significantly reduce the suit’s performance. At an altitude of about 5000 to 7000 feet, the rider will jump off his partner’s back or even deploy the parachute while still riding.

Wingsuit rodeo, which has grown in popularity, may seem fun in all videos about it but it is still considered a stunt. Those who are interested in the wild ride should make sure that both rider and wingsuiter have the experience. Safety is still paramount that’s why this sport requires thorough planning.

Watch ‘Wonder Woman’ experience the thrill of wingsuit rodeo.

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Going on a fun wingsuit rodeo is best when the day is bright and sunny. Will you be willing to try out this awesome stunt? Please feel free to sound off in the comment section below!

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Science Reveals The Mystery Behind Déjà Vu

Have you ever experienced déjà vu?




Have you ever felt that you've experienced something before or that you've already been to a place that you just visited for the first time? Don't worry. Most of us have experienced this phenomenon called déjà vu. Why or how this occurs have completely baffled us for years now. However, thanks to a brain scan, we know now what's really happening.

Apparently, déjà vu is a sign of our brain checking its memory.

Studying déjà vu is challenging, thanks to its fleeting and erratic nature. However, a team of scientists led by Akira O'Connor conducted déjà vu research at the University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom and they suggested that the previous notion that déjà vu is the result of the brain's effort to create false memories is, well, false. To find out the mystery behind the phenomenon, the research team had to develop a way to trigger a déjà vu experience in the laboratory.

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Cafe Gets Overwhelmed with Customers After Being Awarded with Michelin Star

Thanks to a little clerical error, this cafe instantly went popular overnight!

Mich Escultura



The Bouche a Orielle in Bourges, France is your typical workmen's cafe. It's filled with men in high-visibility vests during lunchtime, and their fare is hearty, wholesome, and homemade. The decor is simple, and the ambiance is cheerful. This isn't what you'd normally expect from a restaurant awarded with a Michelin star.

Veronique Jacquet, the cafe owner suddenly realized a huge surge of customers, some of whom came from miles away. She had reporters coming in and gourmet diners looking to book tables. Their little cafe was suddenly bustling with people looking to taste some of their dishes.

This humble cafe was suddenly swarmed with customers and reporters!

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Dog Gave Owner A Huge Laugh After Digging Up a Set of False Teeth

What a funny sight!




Dogs do adorable stuff - and we sure love them for it. They are incredibly smart, plus they know how to respond to instructions and human emotions and all that. However, they also do stupid things like going berserk during bath time, chewing on shoes and pillows, and running away from the vacuum cleaner as if it was a zombie coming for their brains. Either way, they are always there to make us laugh.

Now, there is this one dog named Pandora who inadvertently gave her dog parents a good chuckle. It was a normal day for Pandora - she was out in the backyard, digging like she always did when she was called back in. When she walked back into the house, her owner, Lucas Alves Magalhães, was in for a surprise. His eyes almost popped out when he saw what she was holding in her mouth.

What Pandora discovered was not a box full of misfortunes, in fact, it's something relatively harmless.

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