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WikiLeaks Documents Reveal US Plans of Destabilizing Syria, Involves ISIS





Since the 2006, many “secret” plans or conspiracy being hidden from the public, were discovered and now have been made public. The most disturbing leaked telegram was the one from Damascus sent by US Ambassador William Roebuck as it shows US plans for Syria that interestingly links back to ISIS. The document details the plans of US to destabilize Syria back in 2006, which is a good few years before the two nations’ conflict against each other in 2011.

President Bashar al-Assad criticizes European countries for “making a serious mistake by allying with countries that support terrorism that distorts Islam.”

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This didn’t really shock people because US never supported the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The United States of America also tagged Syria as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ since 1979.

Intriguingly, the leaked documents have sections that show the relationship of the US government with Daesh, or ISIS.


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This supports the “conspiracy theory” that the US government created ISIS to overthrow the Syrian regime. If you would read the whole Wikileaks text, it does not directly confirm this, but a substantial amount of content support this tenable theory.


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Case in point: America’s move to capitalize on Sunni fears of Iranian influence is actually a description that perfectly represents the militants that created ISIS.

Are they kidding us?

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It is also clearly written in the document that the US government plans to use the media and every possible medium for propaganda to incite “Bashar personal angst that may lead him to act irrationally.” Angering him was really part of the plan to destroy. Do you remember the viral video that recorded members of the Iraqi army burning a man they say is a Daesh militant in the Iraqi governorate of Anbar? This may just be a ploy.

Possible actions to destabilize the current Syrian regime resonates in most of the issues found on Middle Eastern politics today.

You can check the full Wikileaks document to form your own opinion. Read here.

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