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Wife Told Husband She Got Pregnant By Another Man, But She Never Expected Him to Do This

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How would you feel if your partner tells you that he or she has been unfaithful? What would you do? Regardless if it was in the past or the present, it truly hurts to know that the person you love betrayed your trust. For those who have had such a heartbreaking experience, you know that it’s not easy to forgive and that it takes a special kind of love and a deeper bond to be able to accept your partner again with open arms.

Infidelity is often rooted in one’s selfishness and the other person’s neglect. Of course, there are those who are unfaithful despite having an ideal relationship with their spouses. And, although it is more common for males to get involved in extra-marital affairs, there are women who fall into temptation.

This husband’s story is about his wife who made the mistake of giving into a one-night stand and consequently getting herself pregnant. This may not have been the most unsurprising consequence of what happened that night, but she certainly did not expect her husband to do what he did.

Here is the story:


My wife and I had known each other for about 5 years, together for about 3 or 4. She’s from Eastern Europe originally but came here as a student. She ended up not completing her course and dropping out, moving in with me while we were dating. We made plans for marriage a while ago, and everything fell into place according to plan. Things were going perfectly. She met my family, they loved her, things were going great.

Well, less than a month before we got married, we found out she was pregnant. No big deal, it happens. We were using condoms, but whatever, it happens, there could have been a few times where we just did the pullout method instead.

We went ahead with the marriage as planned. I am absolutely certain I am in love with this woman, I thought everything was going great.


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However, after the wedding, things weren’t the same. I always felt there was a distance, something strange in her behavior. Well, recently she opened up to me and confessed to me the truth: there was a chance the baby wasn’t mine. She was crying and extremely apologetic, telling me she loved me. I believe her.

Apparently around the time she conceived, she had gone to a party with some of her friends and ended up having drunk sex with some stranger. She didn’t even know his name, she could barely remember what he looks like. She said she’s regretted it ever since.


I was shocked, I felt numb. I had no idea how to respond. I told her we need to do a paternity test, she agreed. She made me promise I’d stay with her if the baby was mine, I relented.

She said it was the worst decision of her life and she regretted every day ever since, and she had only trusted me to open up to me because she loved me, and I knew I loved her and would forgive her.


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At the time, I didn’t know what I’d do if I found out the baby wasn’t mine.

Well, we did the procedure, we had to see a geneticist, explain our reasons. It wasn’t cheap, but I had to know. It involved taking a sample from the placenta of the child.

Well it turns out I wasn’t the father. I couldn’t believe it. My wife, the woman I loved, cheated on me and was pregnant with someone else’s child.


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I didn’t know what to do. Part of me loved her and know she loved me, but the other part of me couldn’t handle this.

I had no idea what would happen to her if I left her. She has no source of income, she has no family here, only a few friends. She has to support herself and a child on her own. I don’t think I’d have it in me to keep supporting them.

Part of me strongly wanted a divorce or an annulment. But I wasn’t sure if that’s the right thing to do, or if I should just stay in this marriage. I know she would suffer incredibly if I left her, personally, emotionally, and financially. But I also know I don’t really have an obligation to this child that’s not mine, or to her once we divorce.


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I know she made a mistake. But I still loved her. I think it could happen to anybody, especially under the influence of useless friends.

I was confused and I decided to go to a quiet place. I went to the church, sat there for a long time asking God for help. An old couple noticed me and approached me asking what’s wrong? AsI started crying I told them everything and explained my dilemma. I don’t know what made me tell my personal story, but I did. Then they told me if I truly loved her I’d forgive her and accept the child. If she is sorry, I should give her a chance. They told me to be strong and go be with her as she needed me more than ever, to comfort her.

Love is being with your partner through all ups and downs, they said. They said that they know it would be difficult for me, but they seemed sure the two of us would be a wonderful couple and great parents to the little one. Somewhere in my heart I started to ponder on the advice this beautiful couple gave me and I suddenly felt a sense of inner peace.


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It’s been a few years since then and let me tell you we are happily married with a beautiful baby girl who’s all ready to attend her first day of kindergarten. My daughter is my best friend, and my wife and I have never loved each other as much as we do today.

Happy family of three having fun outdoor.

If your wife committed adultery, would you forgive her? Share us your thoughts. Tell us if you concur with her husband’s decision.

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