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This Wife Surprises Her Husband in a Photobooth. His Reaction? I’m in TEARS!





It’s not everyday that surprises are being made by women. More often than not, we are used to men putting in a lot of effort to make a surprise than women doing the act. Flowers and chocolates, movie tickets for two, love letters, candlelight dinner, a wedding proposal–these are just some of the romantic ways of men that women often fall for and so imagine if it’s going to be the other way around.

I remember one quote from the most admired Pope Francis, he said to married couples “Don’t ever lose the illusion of when you were boyfriends and girlfriends,” that coupled with any element of surprise should still be present even after marriage.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t help but admire this woman coming up with such a huge and sweet surprise for her husband.

From their first date, Jessica Devins and her husband usually stopped at photo booths as a tradition. But one recent shoot promised a moment that would stand above all the others. He thought that they’ll just be taking a few snapshots inside the photo booth but what happens next becomes the greatest surprise of his life. After noticing what his wife was carrying and the video camera she secretly set up, he suddenly burst into tears. That’s indeed one unique way to deliver a great news.

Watch the heartwarming video.

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These moments are definitely the ones worth capturing. Jessica commented on Youtube for the outpouring support of viewers.

“Thanks everyone!! I’m so glad you like the video. We are just over the moon with joy and then to see how many people like our video is just heart warming!! We posted it hoping that it would inspire someone else someday. Please feel free to share with others! Thanks!!”

What an epic surprise with a romantic touch! This adorable couple will surely have some wonderful memories of this heartwarming moment in years to come!

Credits: Jessica Devins

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