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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Tobey Maguire Anymore And What Happened To His Career





Tobey Maguire was considered an A-list star in Hollywood. The actor has an Oscar-winning movie and a record-breaking superhero franchise to his name. Nowadays, you pretty much never hear about him.

The actor had a booming career when he became Peter Parker, playing the character in three movies. While critics thought he was awkward and that this performance killed his career enhancement, it’s not the whole story.

Tobey first appeared on screen at the age of 13, playing a tiny part in a soap opera about doctors. However, his goal at the time was to become like his dad, who was a chef, so he never really considered acting as a serious career.

On the other hand, his mom wanted to be a star but didn’t get a huge break, so she inspired her son to fulfill that dream instead by offering him $100 for enrolling in acting courses.

That’s when Tobey realized that appearing in commercials and TV shows brought good money. He then dropped out of school at age 13 and became a professional actor.

Fast forward to 2002 and Tobey landed the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. As expected, the film’s franchise made the actor a superstar and raked him more money.

But 2007 came, and all the trouble started. Tobey didn’t only try to squeeze in more money out of the studio by demanding an insanely high fee, he was getting hard to work with.

He complained a lot of back pain and demanded that doctors would be present on set at all times. It has gotten so bad that the medic had to measure the number of steps that Tobey could make in front of the camera to ensure his safety.

As if that’s not enough, the third installment in the Spider-Man franchise was a flop. Naturally, this flop has affected Tobey’s career as well. Even Sam Raimi, the director of all three of Tobey’s Spider-Man movies, admitted he had really messed up on the film and was hoping he could correct his mistakes with a fourth installment. Sony then chose to move on by rebooting the franchise with Andrew Garfield.

Meanwhile, Tobey reportedly loves to put his big earnings to the test by hitting up poker tables and betting tons of money on games. Unfortunately for him, not all of those games are legit. He later had to give up part of his winnings to settle a lawsuit. All of this did nothing to improve the actor’s public image.

Eventually, Tobey decided to reinvent himself as an actor by breaking from his superhero past. But this proved to be difficult.

Tobey has a rather youthful look to his face, and an even softer voice, all of which worked so well when he first became a star in movies like The Cider House Rules and the Spider-Man franchise. As he got older, Tobey never quite aged out of his boyish charm, making it difficult for audiences to connect with him as he began to take on more mature roles.

Tobey has spent a good chunk of the last few years behind the camera producing films through his production company, Material Pictures. Unfortunately, Tobey’s career as a producer hasn’t exactly been all that great.

Although it seems that his career is not getting any better, it is definitely not too late for Tobey to bring his name back to the top. Many believe that he is an incredibly talented actor, so maybe all he needs is a good break.

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