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Where You’re Getting Fat the Most Will Give You a Clue on How to Fix It

Which group do you belong to?


Do you ever wonder why you still end up fat even if you’ve exerted effort in dieting and exercising?

Well, that’s because you may be doing it wrong.

The answer lies on the type of obesity you’re dealing with. Unknown to many, there are different types of obesity and there are specific ways to get rid of it.

Here are six types of obesity and tips on how to specifically get rid of your unwanted body fat.

Which group do you belong to?


Photo credit: Cuisine and Health

#1. Obesity of Food

Known as the most common type of obesity in the world, obesity of food is caused by excessive intake of sugar and food. By reducing your intake of food and exercising at least 30 minutes a day, you can easily combat this type of obesity.

#2. Obesity of “Nervous Stomach”

This type of obesity is brought about by depression, stress and anxiety. People suffering from obesity of “nervous stomach” frequently consume sweets such as chocolates when subjected to stress. It is important to relieve stress and avoid frequent intake of sweets in order to get rid of excess fats.

#3. Gluten Obesity

People who suffer from gluten obesity are mostly women in their adolescence, with present hormonal imbalance, or are menopause. To fight this type of obesity, you must avoid smoking, drinking of alcohol and long sitting. Affected individuals must exercise with weights.

#4. Atherogenic metabolic obesity

People with this type of obesity usually accumulate fat in their abdomen and have trouble breathing. You must reduce alcohol consumption to combat this type of obesity.

#5. Obesity due to venous circulation

Considered as a genetically inherited obesity, this type of obesity usually occurs in people with swollen legs or pregnant women. Those with this type of obesity must exercise by running or climbing the stairs.

#6. Obesity of inactivity

Obesity of inactivity affects parts of the body that was previously active, for instance in exercise or training, but is now currently inactive. In order to eliminate this type of fat, you must not skip eating for a long period of time.

So which type of obesity affects you? Don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends to help them fight obesity.

Source: Cuisine and Health


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