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This is What Your Fingerprints Say About Your Personality





Fingerprints are genetic. They develop while we are still in our mothers’ wombs, although they only show six months after birth.

Our fingers and hands will grow in size, but these friction ridges will never change unless we’re seriously injured and have damaged our dermis.

They are also unique that’s why we use them for personal identification purposes. Experts say that the fingerprints on our left hand would not be same as the ones on our right.

However, everyone’s fingerprints exhibit the same basic patterns.

Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, invented the word dermatoglyphics.” It was derived from the Greek words derma, which means skin; and glyphe, meaning carve. It refers to the friction ridges on our fingers, hands, and soles. Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints, palm prints, and footprints.

Researchers have been studying friction ridge formations for years. They say that we can tell a lot about a person’s behavior and character by analyzing the basic patterns on our finger pads such as loops, curves, and swirls.

Check out the patterns below and tell us if you think they’re accurate.



Source: awesomejelly

If you have loop patterns, then you are likely to be a calm, optimistic, sensible, sympathetic, and helpful person. You’re also highly sociable, emotionally predictable, and candidly straightforward.

People can count on you because you’re hardworking and responsible; however, you rarely take the initiative. You are highly imaginative, and one of the things you probably hate is tedious work.

Health-wise, you’re like a well-oiled machine, although you were quite frail as a kid.



Source: awesomejelly

If you have curvy patterns on your finger pads, then you’re energetic and confident. And that confidence exudes in the way you stand, walk, move, and even in your manners; however, it often leads to stubbornness.

For you, anything you decide upon is irrevocable that’s why you have trouble listening to other people’s opinions.

You’re more of a concrete thinker, and you have trouble adapting to a changing environment. People also think that you’re ill-tempered. You often use others just to reach your goals; however, you’re extremely loyal to your friends, and you never give up on them.

You love music and the arts.



Source: awesomejelly

Although you’re short-tempered, you don’t hold grudges against people. You’re unpredictable, and you always try to conceal your thoughts and real feelings.

Most folks with swirly patterns are dissatisfied—with themselves mainly. They are doubtful of everything and everyone around them.

If both your index fingers have swirled patterns, then you’re most likely a thinker. You find programming, legal studies, and research fun.

You have a versatile and complex personality.

So, what do you guys think?

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