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21 Bizarre Signs That Deserve A Second Look

I can’t decide if the sign-makers deserve to get fired or deserve to get a raise!


Signs are so ubiquitous we sometimes pay them too little attention. If we look closely, however, we might notice some hilarious gems such as the ones we shared below.

Compiled by Wimp, these business and road signage are bizarrely funny you’ll get a few chuckles just by reading them. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t decide if the sign-makers deserve to get fired or deserve to get a raise because of their work.

We leave it up to you, our dear readers, to decide if these signs are a win or not. In the mean time, go ahead and scroll down. We guarantee you’ll be chuckling before you even reach #21!

#1. Taxes, tacos, and tears. Nuff said!


Source: via Wimp
#2. Get it? Air and space? LOL!


Source: Via Wimp
#3. Life is fair.


Source: Via Wimp
#4. Just like the Browns…


Source: Via Wimp
#5. Now here’s a mom-approved lodge.


Source: Via Wimp
#6. As if dying wasn’t enough of a punishment.


Source: Via Wimp
#7. As you wish!


Source: Via Wimp
#8. They didn’t say anything about serpents though.


Source: Via Wimp
#9. Like seriously?


Source: Via Wimp
#10. That’s such a rude service to offer haha!


Source: Via Wimp
#11. It’s actually spelled “device.”


Source: Via Wimp
#12. What guy would miss out on such a chance?


Source: Via Wimp
#13. Hula hoop for the win.


Source: Via Wimp
#14. So confusing. Go make up your mind, dude!


Source: Via Wimp
#15. Are those extraterrestrial beings?


Source: Via Wimp
#16. Now we know why their beer and soda are unusual…


Source: Via Wimp
#17. Shots fired!


Source: Via Wimp
#18. When Mr. T crosses, you give way.


Source: Via Wimp
#19. This is what happens when a church tries to be hip…


Source: Via Wimp
#20. Who touches signs anyway? Well actually, this sign is about the bridge.


Source: Via Wimp
#21. Give heed!


Source: Via Wimp

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