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This Japanese Wedding Photographer Vacuum Packs Couples in Plastic for WTF Prenup Shoots

This gives a new meaning to “smothering someone in love.”

Dondi Tiples





Preparing for a wedding entails to a staggering level of work. Most couples do a prenuptial shoot to showcase the events leading up to their big day.

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Naturally, couples strive to be as original as possible to wow their guests during the reception. In Japan, where eye-popping fads are as common as vending machines on every street corner, one photographer stands out above the rest.

He vacuum packs couples in plastic bags for their prenup shoots.

Haruhiko Kawaguchi, a Tokyo-based shutterbug, has found a way to bring brides and grooms-to-be even closer than the marital bed can.

He smushes them together in fetal positions, and vacuum packs them in plastic bags.

Oftentimes in their birthday suits…

With their mouths and noses stuck to the other’s nether regions…

And their expressions frozen in what appear to be death throes.

This gives new meaning to the traditional phrase: “’til death do us part.” Sucking all the air out of the plastic bags gives couples the closest near-death experience they are likely to have leading up to their new life together.

Deprived of oxygen for moments at a time, they cling to one another while likely envisioning their future as a married couple.

It becomes literally the most “breathless” photoshoot in their lives.

Despite the dangers of suffocation, brides and grooms flock to Haruhiko’s studio, making his wedding photoshoot concept a very popular one.

Couples get a full body lube rubdown to avoid friction with the plastic bag, then after positioning them in extremely uncomfortable poses, Haruhiko wraps them in plastic and uses a vacuum to suck out all the air.

They are virtually “smothered” in love.

This risky photoshoot requires the bride and groom to hold their breath for 10 seconds or more while the avant-garde photographer snaps two quick shots. His assistant, on standby with a can of oxygen, then opens the bag.

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Just in case, Haruhiko has a medic on hand, in the event any of his subjects fail to regain breathing capability.

Not surprising, given how the airless plastic bags render their noses unrecognizable.

Haruhiko, basking in his success, say his prenup shoots allow couples to express “how close and in love they are.”

Watch Haruhiko Kawaguchi’s breath-stopping work in action.

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“Men and women are attracted to each other and they try to become one. With my pictures, I try to show this power of love by getting the couples as close together as possible. The less distance there is between them, the stronger the power of love.”

Each photoshoot will certainly make for a breathtaking reveal when the couples relate their love story at the wedding reception.



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